The meeting between the government and airlines ends without an agreement and strikes continue

The government has resorted to mud to avoid a transport halt, but with a negative outcome for now. The Department of Transportation and Mobilization Advocates, the national platform to advocate for freight transport that has already paralyzed the country in March, met Thursday at the headquarters of the administration led by Raquel Sanchez. A meeting was settled without agreement, so the indefinite pauses he called for on Monday continue.

The head of the platform, Manuel Hernandez, explained after the meeting that they had asked the ministry to increase the number of inspectors from the ministry and independent communities to ensure that carriers were not paid below cost, in addition to a formal plan that lay. Hernandez noted that although the law does not allow shippers to pay carriers below costs, “if it is carried out under an ongoing contract, the shipper cannot be penalized.” However, they are still awaiting the transfer’s response from which they asked for a signed commitment to cancel the protests.

For its part, the Ministry of Transport denied that it had invited this group to negotiate and confirmed that it was just a “media meeting with technicians.”

Small carriers demanded an indefinite halt after the ministry was accused of not providing possible means to control compliance with the law prohibiting paying truck drivers at less than cost as well as the loading and unloading law that prevents the driver from participating in both operations. The rules were approved in the same year.

To this end, the national platform demands, in return for lifting the ban, a signed transport agreement guaranteeing the cooperation of the Civil Guard, the inspection of transport in companies, as well as the participation of tax authority In accounting in terms of compliance with the law of costs. In addition, they are asking for tougher penalties for violators and extension of fines to both the main shipper, the contract shipper and even the carrier, with fines ranging from 70,000 to 90,000 euros.

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In the same way, the Civil Guard, the local police and the Transportation Inspection respond to the call of drivers when they report non-compliance Law of loading and unloading. Likewise, they require the government to cover the cost law for all types of transportation, including vans and light vehicles.

The National Forum continues for the time being with strikes that will start at midnight from Sunday to Monday. They will be alone, because so far no other association in the Strip has spoken in favor of these protests. On the contrary, the National Road Transport Commission (CNTC), which represents most of the sector’s companies, yesterday issued a statement expressing its opposition to the protests. Something that Vandismar also confirmed, that they were in favor of the March strikes. Similarly, major employers and independent employers, CEOE, Cepyme and ATA, have shown their refusal to support the strike.

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