The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel begins with a farewell to the final season

Prime Video is having existentially difficult days. Not only that he continues to struggle to establish his identity on the scene flowbut also, as of Friday, he begins to say goodbye to his series, which are perhaps the most symbolic: The wonderful Mrs. MaiselAnd A critical and popular favorite (especially with its first two seasons) that saw it stack up Twenty Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy of 2018.

In this really dramatic comedy, Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls) and her inseparable husband Daniel Palladinowho serves as executive producer, tells Miriam’s story middle Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan), a A Jewish housewife from 1950s New York finds a vocation as a stand-up comedian after her husband dumps her for his secretary and leaves her alone with the kids.. Well supported by her long suffering manager Susie (Huge Alex Borstein), Midge has done the impossible and wrong to make her way in an industry besieged by men. Sherman-Palladino wanted to say, as he recently explained to him New York times“the story of a woman discovering her ambition at a time when women weren’t supposed to have ambition.”

The protagonist, Rachel Brosnahan, discovered her own potential along the way. my producers house of cards They already realized this when they decided to switch their character from call the girl Hardly any scripted lines in the character made their mark in three seasons. But it was the embodiment of Maisel, a bold and flamboyant take on a comedic role, that ended up inspiring Brosnahan creatively; In 2020 he founded Scrap Paper Pictures, a production company that advocates the incorporation of new voices into the industry.

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The call from the TV

Where did Midge leave us when we last saw her? Walking into a snowstorm after having a cathartic discussion with Lenny (Luke Kirby), or legendary comedian Lenny Bruce, to be exact, on the Carnegie Hall stage. Luxurious treatment. After losing her parachute, our heroine suffers a kind of entrapment in front of the TV show poster The Gordon Ford Show.

The new season does not start immediately after that, but until twenty years later, in 1981. Some A glimpse into the future They will work to explain the long-term consequences of some of Midge’s attitudes and decisions. But really retro fans shouldn’t suffer too much: the action quickly moves to December 1961, when Susie fights tooth and nail to get her favorite client as a screenwriter in the… in late Time of night by Gordon Ford (Reed Scott), whose team is brimming with testosterone, and the extended Maisel family almost unanimously decide to turn Thanksgiving into a series of revelations.

Gossip as one of the fine arts

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when we thought so Aaron SorkinEngineer West Wing of the White Housethe screenwriter was able to strain more words a minute, Sherman-Palladino broke all canons with not only Midge and Susie, but also my talkative ex-father, Abe (Tony Shalhoub) and Rose (Marin Hinkle), or his wife’s sister Astrid (Justin Loeb into a completely different personality than Willa the furthest Succession). In these new chapters, every intense give and take once again exudes hypnotic music.

The series is still that way A buffet of verbal, but also non-verbal stimuli: his precious photography, his lavish and meticulous production design or his galore costumes and hairstyles still do not disappoint. For the vocal part, Three Rooms of the Same Luxury: It wouldn’t be strange if they ended up being awarded their fourth Emmy Award for Musical Supervision.

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