The MARQ exhibition traces 1,000 years of Chinese history

centuries ago King Qin will become The first emperor of China In 221 BC, the belief in an afterlife after death was already widespread throughout the territory. This means, for the wealthy, moving to Grave everything they need to ensure their survival. From food to cookware. also animals, slaves and concubines Those who sacrificed to be buried next to their master.

When Qin came to power, belief did not decline, but introduced a subtle change, that is, to replace the elements of reality with ceramic representations. “So we can begin to understand what the Terracotta Warriors are and why they were created.”

Marcos Martinon Torresprofessor at the University of Cambridge, explains this at MARQ, as he toured the exhibition with the president of the regional council, Carlos Mazzon Legacy of the Qin and Han Dynasties and the Xian Warriorswhich will open its doors today at MARQ.

“Unique” model, with More than 120 items from 9 Chinese museums,” which was presented For the first time in the worldand that it has never been seen before as it is here.

And not just for himThe original seven warriors and one horse that appear or because For the first time in nearly a decade they are seeing each other in Spain Or because it is the first time these soldiers are present They leave Xian since 2018. “We wanted to do Complementary discourse of knowledge In addition to talking about archeology and history, what this exhibition contains is a lot of science.”

Famous warriors in Xian, including 1,500 of the 8,000 estimated to exist have been excavated In the hole – which means removal The equivalent of 5,000 trucksThey are just an item An “accessory” was found at the entrance to Emperor Qin’s tombbuilt on an area 100 square kilometers. “It is an authentic city built to live in the hereafter, perhaps in a period of little more than ten years, with palaces, and channels for waterfowl, and acrobatics, and a pyramid with The tomb of the emperor is 60 meters highIt is not excavated, and at the entrance there is an army of clay to defend it ».

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These warriors are the center Mark Gallerybut it works 1000 years of Chinese historyfrom several centuries before the emperor to several centuries later, in order to better understand the context of the warriors and when, how and why,” notes the curator.

A tour of the three rooms

The three temporary rooms of the Alicante Museum move over time Historical pieces, but also of different music and scents. “Room 1 smells of cherries and cedar; Room 2, with incense, and Room 3, with lotus flower and tea. And it’s not that it smells good, it is So that it smells like it». There are also many educational resources that can be accessed.

The first room focuses on China before unificationfrom 700 BC until the establishment of the empire in 221. «There are amazing pieces like bells, because sound and music were very important in their ritual world, or bottles and architectural elements».

It also includes what uniformity means in a territory Different cultures, languages, scripts and religions. Hence, various types of coins appear, the currency created, or lamps, or incense burners, or belts ».

The room is closed with a replica of one of the ten stones that appeared in the Tang Empire, already in the seventh century of our era, “which is likely to beThe oldest inscription includes the method of writing which was consolidated in the Qin period. This is the only part that is not original to both cars It weighs 1,200 kilograms and consists of 3,000 pieceswho cannot leave China by law.

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the The second room approaches the “realm of the dead”, It is the place of warriors. “These things weren’t created to be shared with us, so we have to be aware of what a privilege it is to see this here.”

In this space it is explained How were warriors made?. Models, raw materials, stages of production, types of pigments and minerals, how clay is modeled, how it is painted and painted. One fact noted in this section is that To paint one of these figures, 25 lacquer trees were needed. It is also installed Video shooting One of the clay soldiers (replica) is shown as it was in its original colored appearance.

“Initially it was supposed to be built on a kind of assembly line piece by piece, but we showed that this is not the case, instead There were different production cells, Each of them is so independent that all the warriors produced it, and later carried it to the grave ».

Soldiers in the third room

The encounter comes with the warriors and the horse – which weighs 200 and 350 kilos respectively – Third roomWhere it appears inside circular capsules that give it Futuristic atmosphereAs if we are rising from the ground on a journey from the past to the present. Once the story is explained, it’s time That each one see the warriors as he pleasesMarcos Martinón Torres highlights.

Everyone is different between them. From features to clothing, decoration, hairstyle and posture. They are joined by two more clay figures: a stable helper figure and a hunter figure.

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also Other lesser-known warriors of the Han dynasty, “two or three generations after the first emperor.” He also wanted to bury himself with his terracotta warriors, in this case much smaller than They appear naked because they were wearing real clothes and without arms because they were wooden knuckles.

And in this last room, in the memory, the memory of those who made these warriors a world heritage site. “they did it Tens of thousands of workersMost of them are unknown and forced, as slaves, convicts or prisoners ». to 18 of them are known names Because “someone took the trouble to write it on a ceramic slab – one of which can be seen in the exhibition – and we wanted to honor them by bringing out the invisible, without which history would not be written.”

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