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After turning Hollywood upside down, what are the effects of MeToo on our country? actress Leticia Doleira He was the first to respond to the wave of global outrage that he provoked Me too. After days of discoveries Judy Kantor and Megan Twohy About Harvey Weinstein in The New York Times and Ronan Farrow In The New Yorker, the Catalan actress admitted that a TV director touched her chest when she was 18 and that she suffered from touching it on another photoshoot ten years later, without anyone swinging it.

The case of Doleira, as we have seen, is not an isolated case. in Catalonia, Alumni of the Aula de Teatre de Lleida and the Institut del Teatre They denounced decades of mistreatment by teachers in recent years. In both cases, justice has not come to persecute any teacher. Antonio Gomez, a teacher from Lleida, fled to Brazil with 60,000 euros paid to him by the city council as compensation to close the case. But something has been stirred up in the sector: after more than 150 cases of abuse or harassment were revealed, Catalan Film Academy Last May, he launched a pioneering department providing psychological and legal counseling to victims. Out of 150 cases, less than 10% became complaints. Silence, fear and distrust of justice still weigh on a small world, where everyone knows each other.

In Spain, the case that sparked the fuse and caused a veritable tsunami of anger and sorority was the case of La Manada. In 2018, the year of the historic March 8 women’s demonstration that swept squares across the country, tens of thousands of Spanish women took to the streets to show anger and indignation He accepted Justice’s response, which came to describe the mass rape in Pamplona as “an atmosphere of hustle and bustle.” Five years later, consent was incorporated into a new law, the Law “Yeah, just yes”, which has just entered into force. Of the 5,000 judges in Spain, a third of them completed the Gender Perspective course that they began teaching soon after, in 2019.

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What has also changed in these five years is the vocabulary we use. Most of society has internal concepts such as Consent, sorority, privilege, or toxic masculinityThe terms quickly entered the conversation. The click mind, Understand that patriarchy is not a caricature of a rotten man smoking a cigar and touching his secretary’s donkey, but something more structural, we all breathe, a subtle, invisible and effective system in which we are all taught and mastered. Over the centuries, it is still very uneven. The gap is twofold: between generations and between women and men. They, even those who describe themselves as pro-feminists, remain reluctant to promote real changes in a system designed in their favour. But the change is tangible and unstoppable. When they released last week he isChauvinistic chants from the residence of Elias Ahuja, very few of whom doubted that these were part of the so-called “rape culture”a concept very little used before MeToo and today it is fully assimilated.

In the United States, the scale and speed of events were different. The movement gave way to a wave of complaints of sexual assault and harassment that highlighted decades of impunity and silence. Many of the victims spoke and were heard for the first time. Justice isn’t quite as fast as Twitter, but in five years there have been a series of resignations, dismissals, lawsuits, out-of-court settlements, and changes in corporate corporate culture. strong characters like The charismatic founder of Pixar, John Lasseter, or the founder of Fox News, Roger Ailes, not to mention the chilling cases Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein or Larry Nassar, serial rapists who enjoyed enormous social prestige for decades and left behind hundreds of victims.

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MeToo was the fuel that was in demand in 2017, the first at that time Fourth wave feminism But we already know what happens to waves: they come and go, and more in this excessive acceleration times turbine capital network. If second-wave feminism in the 1960s and 1970s had a ‘backlash’ a decade later, in the ultra-conservative 1980s for Reagan and Thatcher, the reaction to MeToo is already here, very punctual, on the movement’s fifth anniversary. Sexual counterattack from several sides: the legal aspect (there is The shocking cancellation of Roe vs. Wade, which bans abortion in the more conservative half of the United States) and above all the media, with social networks serving as spokespeople for the most rebellious of machismo.

Tell her Amber Heard, who was subjected to unprecedented digital mockery During the trial held last May, in which she confronted her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. It does not matter that in 2021 the High Court of London ratified the ruling that gave reason to “The Sun”, which called the actor an abusive because there is evidence of it Depp is an ‘offensive actor’.. Or that Heard’s defeat (guilty of violating Depp’s honor in an article he wrote in the Washington Post about the abuse he suffered) has more to do with how the American judicial system handles defamation.

Networks during the six weeks that the session lasted Actress Defamation Festival, A feast of more widespread misogyny fueled by right-wing digital, forums and robots that Depp’s lawyers pay for. The spectacle of watching thousands of ‘tiktokers’ dancing and doing ‘running’ with the sound of Heard’s rape story in the background, her testimonial being mocked, and hundreds of fake accounts containing memes and demeaning videos reaching 4.2 billion views are frightening. yes manosphere I wanted to send a message about how well organized and how unwilling to hear the voice of a woman who suffered abuse – a simple, revolutionary gesture and feared by some as listening, we must not forget, the very essence of MeToo- he got. It became clear that dark times were coming.

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Was Metoo Enemies from day one. Its critics have also generated their own lexical world in which adjectives such as “feminazi” and “conceptual”wokism” and “abolition of culture”. The movement has been accused of just about everything: promoting new fanaticism, blowing up the presumption of innocence and Encouraging witch hunts: In Spain, no strong man would stop it because one or several women denounced inappropriate behavior. An Associated Press investigation revealed that Placido Domingo sexually harassed 27 women and abused his power for decades. The tenor, who resigned as general manager of the Los Angeles Opera after learning the facts, admitted he was “really sorry for the damage done” in a statement stating that “the rules and values ​​by which we measure ourselves today, and should measure ourselves, are very different from what they were in the past.” His return to Spanish theaters, last year, had a secret acclaim: the Starlite Festival in Marbella held a concert in his honor and at the National Hall in Madrid. The audience applauded him as he stood for five minutes.

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