The “magic” product to remove a semi-permanent manicure at home in just 6 minutes

In the last years Gel or semi-permanent nails They have become the great trend in the world of manicure. This technology allows us to enjoy beautiful and well-groomed nails longer. In addition, the quality of the products is much better than that of traditional enamels.

One of the remarkable properties of this technique is that the enamel It remains intact for weeks. It is more resistant and adheres very tightly, which makes it practically impossible Remove it at home without damaging the nail. This means that most of the time we have to go back to the aesthetic center to have the enamel removed properly.

That was until now. This has been done in recent weeks New product from Mylee brand, Magic Gel Remover-This allows you Removing semi-permanent nail polish ccomfortably from home and indoors 6 minutes only.

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The only thing you need to do to properly dispose of the gel:

  1. polishing Good nails To remove the glossy layer and Apply a rich layer of Magic Gel Remover On the enamel avoid the skin.

  2. Leaves Stand for six minutes. And thehe is The gel will start to bubble and peel offfacilitate scraping.

  3. Wash your hands well immediately afterward than using it.

A product that will save you time and money and allow you to have your nails as they are. this is On sale on Amazon at 9.99 euros jar.

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