The Madrid Book Fair concludes with a sales success but with fewer visitors

“Although it was the Madrid Book Fair Wettest since 2000 with 12 rainy days out of 17As stated by the organization, Turnover exceeded 2022 by 9.6%book sales rose to 11,188,000 euros, but the number of visitors decreased.

A “particularly positive” numberAnd they confirmed, on Wednesday, taking into account the increase in book prices last year by 2.5%, due to the high cost of paper, energy and transportation.

But still, they were 600,000 copies in addition to those sold This year compared to the last edition, the information was obtained from the data provided by the exhibitors themselves, who were consulted by the organization in three waves over the course of 17 days. As for the flow of visitors, it has decreased compared to last year. And so, according to official sources, in general 1,213,000 people visited the exhibitionCompared to the 3 million people who did so in 2022.

Notwithstanding this information – which I qualified – it is possible to ascertain that the balance of the newly closed copy was very positive: The number of visitors to the exhibition is less, but the exhibitors sold more.

Regarding the ages of visitors, the Readers ages 13-25 have once again starred in long-awaited stars to get the long-awaited signature of their favorite authors, but it was a fringe in that reading audience, specifically those of college age, who bought science’s most popular books.

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with the Sciences as the backbone of this editionThe children’s wing was the most popular with 94 activities including presentations, storytelling, printmaking workshops, and science experiments designed for a family audience, to name a few. Up to 4,300 boys and girls have been able to enjoy these proposals in an open format, to which 1,000 more have been added from schools that have enjoyed exclusive activities.

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On the other hand, the cultural show of the CaixaBank pavilion, which this year occupied a more central location on the Paseo de Coches, was attended by 4,880 people throughout its 81 activities. The Europe Pavilion was, for the second year in a row at the fair, one of the fair’s most frequented venues, welcoming 5,052 visitors, up 44% from 2022. Of that total, 1,168 were boys and girls.

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