“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”: Link’s new adventure comes to Nintendo Switch

After several months of waiting, the fans links They are lucky. This Friday it will finally go on sale The Legend of Zelda: tears to the kingdom for Nintendo Switch, a new epic adventure in which players can travel the kingdom of Hyrule and create their own journey guided by their wits and imagination. On a mission to uncover the truth behind a cataclysmic event that has thrown the kingdom into turmoil, the Controller will lead the protagonist to explore a vast world, both on land and on the floating islands dotted in the sky.

Players will be able to decide how they want to progress and build their own adventure. The feeling of freedom, of having an entire world to explore at will, is immense: there is no one way to explore The Legend of Zelda: tears to the kingdomDon’t defeat enemies, overcome obstacles, or solve puzzles. The possibilities for experimenting with objects and environment are varied and allow for multiple combinations to build vehicles, artifacts and weapons. Players will find a Hyrule recognizablebut it is very different from the one they discovered The Legend of Zelda: breathes to the Wild. Lurking within him are new enemies, dangers, and mysteries, but Link also has new resources to contend with.

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Thanks to the combination, you can combine objects and create new weapons with different effects. With the help of ultramano it will be possible Build stylish cars and use it creatively to deceive enemies; Using bounce it will be possible to “rewind” the movement of an object to create new paths or return it to the enemy who threw it; Stealth will allow you to traverse the roof of buildings and caverns to find the fastest route or graceful exit.

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on May 12 at the same time The Legend of Zelda: CutsYes alsoF yAnd KingdoM, the new Link amiibo will go on sale. Upon activation, players will receive weapons and items, as well as a special cloth for Link’s parachute. If they scan another amiibo in the series The Legend of ZeldaThey will also get weapons, useful items, or parachute cloth based on the scanned amiibo.

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