The legacy of Pablo Ruiz Picasso in the times of Instagram

On the verge of “Picasso’s Year” to commemorate the half-century since his death, The artist’s influence from Málaga lives on more than lives in current creators from around the world who continue to make their art a guide and an inspiration.

This is what he was able to verify A group of third-year art history students With research work, still up-to-date though completed, on contemporary artists distinguished by the most famous creators of the twentieth century. The result can be seen on the Instagram account “White and Anis”.

As he explains it Teresa RamosOne of the members of the so-called project group Picasso now arises to suggest From the teacher of modern art Maria Jesus Martinez Silvente Some artists have been suggested by foreign universities. In your case, it was one of the examples I studied Picasso’s influence on the Japanese Yukimasa IdaThis year, it exhibited oil paintings, drawings and sculptures dedicated to the painter from Malaga at the Museo Casa Natal Picasso and included portraits of Picasso himself.

close to it, Blanca Ruiz reckoning it focused on French urban art artist Christian Gemie, With the artistic name C 215, which was given a tribute to the man from Málaga on more than one occasion “with Picasso’s stencils on mailboxes” Or plant it on a map of the Iberian Peninsula with his face, “and it sells for thousands of euros.”

Regarding Miguel Jesus SaezShe chose comedy, specifically about comedy Daniel Torres “Picasso in the Civil War” that He imagines “what would have happened if Picasso had really waged war”a story game among other stories, such as Russian Dolls.

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for his part Laura Romero He wanted to stop at the Italian Elisa Nicholaswho explains that his work has a distinctly personal character, “he left his comfort zone a bit and Picasso’s influence in the use of different materials is quite striking, How to play with textiles and fabrics” and with some posters to which Picasso is an introduction, Confirms.

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Malaga’s influence on Mexico Monica Mayerhe explains Roy Chateranother member of the group, is more subtle, but evident in the common stock of religious imagery.

As Roy points out, it has been nearly 50 years since the death of the artist from the Plaza de la Merced “And many of the things he did we still see as modern.”. Thanks to this work, the future generation of art historians have validated and shared the powerful footprint of Pablo Ruiz Picasso on social networks.

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