The Kremlin speaks for the first time about the spouses of Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin Perhaps one of the most unique people in the world. Both followers and, above all, detractors, are willing to do anything to obtain true information about his status at all times, which in turn has created countless stories and urban legends about him. One of the most famous is Doubles use.

Since Putin became president, the possibility of him being assassinated or at least the victim of an attack has haunted his security services. It’s because of that They do not report their exact condition all the time until the very last minute, which has often led to speculation that it is, in fact, not Putin himself who is attending the events.

According to these theories, widely circulated among conspiracy buffs, the Russian president has actually been in a bunker since the start of the war with Ukraine. Now he is the spokesman for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskovwho responded clearly in this regard.

In a lengthy appearance, in which he harkens back to the fall of the Soviet Union only to end up justifying invading Ukraine again, Peskov called all that kind of information lies.

“You may have heard that he (Putin) has a lot of husbands working for him while he’s sitting in a basement,” Peskov said, laughing at a conference in Moscow. “Another Lie” from the “Treacherous” Westpointed out.

“Her energy can only be envied. His health, God willing, can only be desired.”

Dmitry Peskov

About the state of health of Vladimir Putin

Peskov praised Putin’s form. “Those who work with him can hardly keep up,” he asserted, to settle it again The health of the 70-year-old Russian president is weak. “Her energy can only be envied. Your health, God willing, can only be desired. Of course, not in any basement. This is also a lie,” he settled on the matter.

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