The knit “total look” that goes with everything (day and night) and it’s in Mango

Immediately we have to put our sweaters back on. Perhaps, if you are feeling cold, you are already enjoying the touch and feeling of protection that some give us.

Knitwear that fits our body and hot chocolate are always comfy, right? We know there are people who prefer clothes for a certain season, but we almost all love them Feel comfortable and beautiful.

In this sense, he may sometimes mistake the time of autumn for being very grey, like the sky in the cold months. This is an easy solution as choosing happier colors or, as Mango suggests, prolonging the use of season 1 and summer on-trend colors in fall-winter clothing. Only the materials and the pieces change of course.

Details for an upbeat and chic fall

This is how we come up with two Mango clothing pieces that have been a hit alone and used together.

On the other hand, a V-neck cardiganPerfect for fall wear and on days when you don’t even know what clothes to choose, with large buttons that move to the side, to mark an unobtrusive asymmetric road. It has a lot of style, and because of its color, it looks good on any skin tone. If you enjoyed summer in shades of pink and orange, you’ll lift your spirits without having to say goodbye to them all at once.

The piece that completes the duo is a tube skirt MeasuresPerfect for pairing with ’70s style boots, as well as a cardigan, Creates the optical illusion of being a jumpsuit or a long dress. You already know the elegance that lingerie brings, even if it’s uncomfortable when you have to go to the bathroom. What if we removed the cumbersome part of the one piece?

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The skirt is also perfect with a romantic blouse, like some of the suggestions we see, in white or light brown.

You know, if you need fresh air in your winter clothes, be sure to see this gross a look Consists of a cardigan and a midi skirt, both in salmon, available in sizes XXS to 4XL for cardigans and XS to 2XL for skirts Measures tube, which is always slightly stretchable. Every piece of clothing is available both online and in physical stores €29.99 widget.

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