The king of conspiracy, Alex Jones, must pay for his lies

In 2016, Robbie Parker had to put up with a man who chased him down the street in Seattle while yelling profanity at him. Four years have passed since the death of her daughter Emily. He was 6 years old and was among the 20 children who lost their lives at elementary school in Newton (Connecticut) in the massacre of a 20-year-old boy. The man released an abbreviated version of the tragic lie that Parker has borne for years: His daughter didn’t die, he was an actor. Emily is alive, right? He told him insulting him and asking him how much the US government paid him for his lies. Parker suffered from this harassment from the moment of the massacre. Persecution prompted him to move his family from Connecticut to the other side of the country in Washington State. But that did not end the nightmare. He has endured abuse in silence for years. The instigator of all this was a man with a microphone: Alex Jones, creator of the “Infowars” channel, the king of conspiracy and disinformation. A dense figure, with a cracking and frightening voice, made fame and business with the spread of hoaxes. Against the powerful there are always ears ready to be seduced by conspiracies and Jones exploited them without hesitation. His basic idea is that the massacres that the United States is regularly subjected to are secret operations to implement a totalitarian state that destroys individual liberties. This is how he explained the 1995 Oklahoma attack. Later he followed the same line in the September 11 attacks or the 2013 Boston Marathon, or in massacres like those at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016 or the “Country” festival in Vegas. Vegas in 2017. In the latter, as in the case of Connecticut Elementary School, Jones claimed they were theaters to attack the right to bear arms. Victims of Jones’s lies were harassed in the middle of Parker Street, who was one of the first victims’ parents to appear and speak out about the need to regulate access to certain weapons, and became a double victim: of the heartless man who murdered his daughter and Jones, who pleaded that he was an actor, and that his daughter did not It was done and the government paid him. Accusations like this, extravagant but alluring to many, turned Infowars into a small media empire, Jones supplementing its income by selling nutritional supplements that promise to clean lungs or double brain capacity or products to—conspiring other obsessions—when disaster arrives: survival kits or takeaway food kits or protection from nuclear or biological attacks. Restoration of History Jones acted unfettered for so long because the protagonists of his plots were too pervasive or too powerful to worry about him: the FBI, the “Deep State”, the Clintons, the Bushes… But his attachment to Parker and the other Fathers of Slaughter ended up in incurred a heavy price. After years of suffering in silence, they filed lawsuits for defamation. A jury found Jones guilty and awarded nearly $1 billion in compensation to the families. Jones, defiantly, would appeal the ruling and asserted that they would not be able to silence him. Families will face another nightmare for the money, with Infowars and Jones declared bankrupt. But at least they managed to sing victory. Parker put his head in his hands and cried when he heard the verdict: “I’ve got my own history back.”

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