The killing of “Malak Bakhmut”, the most beloved health worker of the Ukrainian forces

The Ukrainian army suffered the worst losses it could suffer, especially in the mental aspect. It comes to Yana Ryklitskawhich they called “Angel of Bakhmut”. She was a 29-year-old paramedic, accompanying the defending forces in the Russian-besieged city, which An ambulance was shot When he was in full evacuation of the wounded.

“A few hours before the attack on his medical car, I asked him how he was doing. He replied that he was having fun and was still in one article, ”explained one of his close friends in statements to the newspaper“ Ukranska Pravda ”.

The circumstances of his attack are not entirely clear, but the outlet mentioned indicates that the shooting was carried out Mercenaries from the Wagner GroupIt is the largest part that Putin carries in the city of Bakhmut.

Rykhlitska’s work was highly appreciated not only by the soldiers, but also by the civilian population. A former employee of an insurance company, she volunteered for her country’s army and was assigned to the 93rd Motorized Brigade at Kholodny Yar. He worked as a paramedic at the Bakhmut stabilization center, where he also carried out “on-site” evacuation work.

“Glory to the fallen heroes!”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense sadly said goodbye to the death of Ryklitska, whom they considered one of the true heroes of the conflict.

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In a heartfelt goodbye on Twitter, the organization shared several photos of its “angel,” who I remembered as an example. Yana was a real heroine, willing to risk her life to help others. Eternal memory and glory to our fallen heroes! They shot her.

Bakhmut It has become one of the most difficult fronts for the Ukrainians. Russian forces escalated their attacks to the point of forcing Kiev to reconsider abandoning the city or continue fighting. Both rivals bleeding to death over a pocket of no apparent strategic value, which is why representative figures of the Resistance, such as Yana RyklitskaThey also became targets of propaganda or motivation for the troops.

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