The judge rejects the precautionary suspension of the “Amazon tax” in Barcelona

For the purpose of defending the interests of transport companies, but also to avoid increasing the costs of a Serving the general economic interest»And this reduces« sales alternatives to retail companies of all sizes », The logistics business owner UN1 has lodged an appeal against the so-called “Amazon tax” before the Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), approved by the plenary session of the Barcelona City Council.

In response to this appeal, the TSJC refused to temporarily suspend the above rate, which is charged to home delivery companies that bill more than €1 million annually for deliveries to final destinations. The above rate, known as the TREC rate (e-commerce distribution rate), He has advanced with the votes of ERC, BComú, PSC, Junts and Cs. It is considered a pioneer in Spain.

In the order, the court considers that there is no urgent need to suspend the price and states that the first set will not be settled Until July 31st. The Court maintains the applicable rate while examining the merits of the matter, and stresses, in his words, that the issues that arise require proper discussion and analysis.

In the arguments, they also respond to one of the concerns of the Logistics and Transport Business Organization of Spain, about what Sensitive information Postal operators will have to contribute in connection with the new rate, Ep reports. In this sense, the court points out that the decree does not require the addition of personal data and reminds of the obligation of confidentiality on the part of the tax administrations.

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Employers argue that the fee is an illegal figure, creating double taxation, by making delivery workers pay twice for the use of public spaces. In the same way, it discriminates against the citizens of Barcelona, ​​judging them to pay more for a less expensive service in other municipalities.

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