The Italian left elects for the first time a woman, Ethel Schlein, as leader of the PD

Against all odds, Elena Ethel Schlein, 37, former Emilia-Romagna vice president and vice president, is The new general secretary of the Democratic Party (PD), the leading political force on the left.

Eli Schlain, as Enrico Letta’s successor is known, is the 11th Secretary General in just over 15 years, since the founding of the Democratic Party. It represents a great novelty on the left. She is the first woman to be elected general secretary of the party.

Shlain, who has Italian, American and Swiss citizenship, is a feminist, anti-liberal and bisexual, as she herself explains, won the primary with 54 percent of the vote against the favored candidate, Stefano Bonaccini, 56, president of the Emilia region. Rome, which got 46 per cent. More than a million voters went to the polls.

It should be noted that Bonaccini was the winner among the PD registrants. On Sunday’s poll, however, the polls were open to all leftists. In other words, in addition to those registered with the PD, they have voted from Greens, to Radicals, through the 5-Star Movement. Many of these voters chose Schlein because, in opposition to Bonaccini’s pragmatism and liberal socialism, he advocated more radical policyvehemently against the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, with the aim of staging a vehement opposition against the majority of the right.

political revolution

Elie Schellin’s leadership in the main left-wing party marks a revolution in Italian politics, according to many analysts, because for the first time in the history of the Italian Republic, a woman is at the helm of the Progressives. Shlain based his victory bet on standing up for rights in its most diverse fields, from LGBTQ people, for immigrants, with resolute support for youth and an important fight against the climate emergency. This motivated many people who did not vote in the last elections, especially the new generations far from politics, who decided on Sunday to go to the polls because they saw something new in Eli Schlein.

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Another factor that undoubtedly influenced left-wing voters was the Meloni influence. The great success of the leader of the Italian Brotherhood in the September 25 general elections and two weeks earlier in the regional elections led many left-wing voters to bet that a woman would lead for the first time. Progressives against the Prime Minister. Specifically, the first words after his victory were speaking of “revolting” and introducing himself Like anti-meloniWe made a big little revolution together. The democratic people are alive and ready to rise with a clear mandate for change.” “We will be a big problem for the government of Giorgia Meloni,” added the New Democratic Party secretary. “Starting today, we will contribute to organizing the opposition in parliament and throughout the country to defend the poor that the government beats and does not want to see .

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