The irresistible coat that promises success next season arrives at Shein

You don’t want to think about it, but a cold is around the corner. It’s time to search coats And we know something you’ll love Its elegance, touch and price. It will definitely a Bestseller in Shein for this season.

We buy more and more clothes online, although we understand that there are people who are hesitant. So, like homes it is in They separate strategic line measurements for each size of their clothing, which, by the way, is usually large. Shein also offers customers the ability to upload photos and reviews of their purchases, so you can get a better idea of ​​the texture, quality and cut of what you’re buying.

This fall we fell in love with a hipster coat like few, made in cream velor with a cropped jacket.

Available in large sizes

There is no doubt that it is easier to do it right with clothes such as a jacket or this coat when one has a slightly special silhouette, rather than wearing jeans. Perhaps for this reason, the coat that will make you think of polar bears is only available in sizes ranging from 0XL, a fairly generous European 44, to 4XL. After all, we usually buy big coats to be able to wear them with thin clothes, at the beginning of autumn, and over a thick jacket, on the coldest days of winter, right?

Installation and price

talking about Coat Measures Long-sleeved with a lapel collar, although depending on your height, it can be a little longer or shorter (remember that SHEIN has its own lines for very tall people and for very short ones). the fabric is elastic Sheep, Made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane.

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Pictures show it looks good on any silhouette and you’ll want one when you know the price: 27 EUR. Remember that you can take advantage of discounts with coupons and select promotions, although we believe that this particular garment will not make it to the sale because it will be sold out soon. Or can you resist already owning it and risk running out of it?

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