The irreducible radical director Jean-Marie Straub is dead

Photography composing musicI’ve always been very difficult. There are movies that are very successful, like Amadeus by Milos Forman, but the creative processes always clash with the cinematic narrative. There is an exception, although decades ago in cinema it was called de Art and essay. It comes to Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bachmade in 1968. One of its directors, The Irreducible Jean Marie StraubHe passed away on Sunday in Switzerland at the age of 89. The co-director of this film, Daniel Hillettpassed away in 2006.

The couple—professionals and passionate—didn’t intend to take to the great halls. There would have been a discrepancy with the type Simple, hardcore and radical cinema They started doing it in the early sixties. They were seen working in their natural settings: Festivals, film libraries and museums. Also released on DVD: Intermedio in Spain has published four volumes containing the couple’s most representative books.

Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach It is his most famous and most transcendent film. Through thoughtful visual compositions of people of a period, translating pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach for harpsichord and with orchestra, reading the diaries of the composer’s wife, Straub and Hewlett explained well the time, the music, the creative process, and the personality of the artist. Without plays or professional translators: Gustav Leonardtan outstanding harpsichordist and musicologist, body of Bach, while Christian Lang She made her only film appearance as a wife.

It was the director couple’s first feature film. They married in 1959 and released their first short story in 1963. Although born in France, Most of his work was done in Germany although it was formed during the times of the New Wave French: Straub was friends with Francois Truffaut and assistant Jacques RivetteAnd at the end of the sixties he came to cooperate with him Rainer Warner Fassbender At the beginning The New German Cinema. boss Petra von’s tears were bitter Another of Straub’s early works was the protagonist of the novel, Bride, actress and pimp (1968), which mixed images of prostitutes at night on the streets of the big city, the one-play was pared down to 10 minutes and the fictional murder of a pimp.

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Followed closely, faithfully, by a small group of spectators and pundits, generally taking them to the utmost patience and concentration by distant recitation and acting, They never betray themselves. They rewrote Roman tragedy, Greek theater, political cinema, and opera in their own way. One of his most famous films Moses and Aaron (1975), based on a biblical opera by Arnold Schoenberg. dare with Kafka It is incomplete America in class relations (1984) and with Frederick Holden of another unfinished business, Death of Empedoclesfilmed in 1987. A medium-length film Cezanne (1989) is another of his great achievements. follow up texts Sophocles and Bertolt Brecht made by themselves Antigone (1992).

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