The increase in the minimum wage must be compatible with job creation.

And the confrontations that used to take place between the two deputy prime ministers, Nadia Calvino and Yolanda Diaz, are repeated again over the minimum wage. The increase that the Minister of Labor intends to make in the coming days, which practically coincides with what was proposed with the unions, will raise this indicator to the level of Approximately 1,100 euros per month, which openly clashed with employers, who had already warned of job harm. On Wednesday, Calvinho picked up on the CEO’s challenge and warned his counterpart that although SMI must rise from the €1,000 total, the increase must also correspond to the fact that companies are also in a position to create jobs and that Youth unemployment has decreased.

In an interview with the program “Espejo Público” on Antena 3, the “second man” in the government warned Diaz that it would be desirable for the increase in SMI to have the support of companies, currently too far from the employer after the agreement of the executive branch with EH Bildu to take control of Collective dismissal by the labor inspectorate. Employers called this secret agreement between the SWP and Podemos with the radical formation a “fraud” and a “betrayal of the labor reform agreement”. was the next thing break the dialogue double bass. Hence, the relationships are very heated.

My approach of high SMI didn’t help. Diaz is committed to increasing the minimum wage based on the “high range” proposed by his panel of experts at the time. This hairpin rose Between 1046 and 1082 eurosFar from the proposals of the organization led by Antonio Garamendi, which would be willing to raise it to 1040 euros per month, while the unions demand an even larger increase of up to 1100 euros per month, just like United we can.

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Calvino declared himself in favor of A lease This makes it possible to face the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine and the inflationary spiral. In this context, measures such as taxes on banks and energy companies or large fortunes were taken, which categorically collided with companies. The socialist wing of the government is trying to appease the business class, which already considers its relations with the executive to be broken, but statements such as those of the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ioni Pilara, who is a week has been accused of distributing companies of «fill your pockets With the rise in food prices.

On the cart price increase, Vice President Calvino spoke today as well. He stressed that the government “is calling on them (distribution companies) to help contain food prices.” In a call to Belarra, he emphasized that the evidence they have is that the measures that have been adopted – such as the reduction of value-added tax – are already being transferred in the form of moderation in the costs of products after making sure that the observatories follow this issue in detail.

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