The imminent auction of Treasury bills, which expire on Monday

Auctions treasure letters They are held every month and February is imminent. Specifically, the 6th and 12th months are on Tuesday the 7th of February and those between the 3rd and 9th months are on the 14th of this month. The interest on this type of public debt has doubled in recent months, as has its profitability, which is around 3%.

there Three ways to invest in treasury bills: through the Bank of Spain itself, the website of the Public Treasury and banking entities, but the term is limited.

To purchase them at the supervisor’s headquarters, it is necessary to go to the offices in person and the deadline is yesterday To auction until 2:00 pm, 1:00 pm in the Canary Islands. In this case, on Monday, February 6th.

Two days ago on the website of the Public Treasury

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase Letras del Tesoro through the Public Treasury website, you must do so using Two working days before the auction so that your transfer arrives on time.

In the case of banking entities, each of them will determine the time limit within which the application must be submitted and the corresponding transfer to be made to the Bank of Spain.

Given the large influx of savers who want to invest, from February 7 it will be necessary to make an appointment to go to the offices of the Bank of Spain. During this past week, there have been queues at various sites in the country and the Public Treasury website where you can buy public debt “online” has also been down.

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