The Idol final review: Boredom is more than a sense of danger

What should we appreciate when analyzing an artistic topic? Its background, what is said to have happened during its construction? Or just the end result? If we consider the first, idol You have to take all the beating: No, don’t take the director’s chair away from the great Amy Seimitz, as it turns out, nearly 80% of the work done. but Let’s try to talk on our own, if possible objectively, about what was seen on the screen during the past weeks. After all, more than one masterpiece of complex origin has emerged.

idol Not them. On this occasion, chaos turned into chaos. from week to week, Sam Levinson (Creator and often sublime director trance), Abel Tesfaye (better known as weekend) and ex-night entrepreneur Raza Faheem has us uselessly spending cognitive bandwidth with A strange, incoherent journey into the darker side of pop fame. There wasn’t much to understand, or much to delve into, in this story about Britney Spears’ text, Jocelyn (Lily Deb rose), who in the middle of trying to make a comeback after a crisis ends up entering a strange relationship with Tedros (Tesfaye himself), an elusive club owner who doubles as a mentor around whom some wild talent flutters.

We’re talking about a series erratic in all its apparent purposes, even in making a conversation: It was a huge ratings failure and HBO is in no rush to renew it. First of all, we are faced with a file Not always a sharp satire of the music industry steeped in the excesses of culture I wake up: At the beginning of the story, we see how Jocelyn’s freedom to show her breasts in a photo shoot is curtailed. Some funny jokes, especially the ones you defend Eli Roth As a Live Nation actor, they fall on terribly deaf ears. Just Rachel Sinnott (Shiva’s child) And Davin Joy Randolph They gave a good comic energy, respectively, the assistant and co-director (a priori) surprised Jocelyn.

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Once Tedros gets down to business, we think we know what he’s about: Love (or better, obsession) with sadomasochistic overtones. Basic problem: Jocelyn’s inexplicable infatuation with Tedros, the guru’s gallery of charisma, whose aesthetics are as questionable as his morals. The series’ writers seem to know the character is despicable, and even enjoy it, but sometimes they also highlight his ability to impress. could idol try that? How do you just need to appear confident so more and more insecure people will turn you into a reference? It seemed like that at times, but in the last episode, after some goofy twists, she proves herself to be (Normal) Consider the excessive power we give to celebrities.

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Now is the time to be fair and not fall into this current trend of seeing complete rubbish or masterpieces everywhere. idol It got more interesting the more he immersed himself in the psychology and operations of pop stars. When he spoke of material losses to be paid for perfection, as in The second episode (maybe the best) with echoes of psychological and physical horror black Swan. or when discussing The ethics of turning grief and trauma into sales pitches, as it happened in the third. Being on the staff of real artists like Troye Sivan And Jennie from blackpink or great product Mike Dean (Like Mike Dean, too), but there are precious moments about the creative conundrum, especially ones Susanna Ibnrevelation red rocket.

On a cinematic level, though, it was also shot in 35mm. idol has not been trance, nor did Levinson claim it ever happened. From the official thoughtful watermarks, we’ve moved on to something a little more intuitive and quick, but not too explosive. The director enjoyed playing it (without overdoing it) Chaos Choral Arrangement by Robert Altman (As he actually did in his 2011 debut Another happy day) or attempt to revive climates Eighties Erotica (Nine and a half weeks) and ninety (there was a literal visual quote from Basic instinct). This last task is hampered by the clumsy choreography of desire, and an odd inability to represent sex in recognizable, motivating, or provocative terms. The series sold to us as serious turned out to be, in general, not only harmless, but even worse, rather boring..

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