The “I Ramón Gaya Murcia International Literary Short Fiction Competition” will receive a prize of €30,000

Murcia driving theI Ramon Jaya International Prize for Short Fictionwhich will have an extension A prize of 30 thousand eurosmaking it One of the main ones nationwideSpecifically, the seventh rank with the highest economic endowment.

Culture Consultant in Murcia, Pedro Garcia RexThis Tuesday, the contest was presented at Madrid Department of Fine Arts with the chairman of the jury, Carmen Posadasthe President of the Pre-Trial Tribunal, Tree victor. The show was presented by the writer and poet Benjamin Meadow He was assisted by members of the jury Precious originalAnd the pozuelo yvancos s Manuel Villas.

García Rex emphasized that the award amount puts him «Among the best talented nationally, demonstrating the strong commitment we have made of culture that the city of Murcia has a prestigious literary prize that contributes to literature in Spanish and rewards the effort and creation of authors within as well as outside of Spain. We hope it will be a great success and encourage many more authors to submit their work, since we have worked hard to get started. Few competitions have such a large prize pool».

The mayor also noted that the competition is ongoing Encouraging literary creativity in Spanish s Keep the memory of Ramon Jaya alivea great artist from the region of Murcia, and more Known for his photographic work but also clerkWinner of the Velazquez Prize for Fine Arts and the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts, among other awards.

In addition to the advisor, the award was also co-presented by Jury President Carmen Posadas, and Preliminary Jury President Victor Del Arbol.

Posadas highlighted the The importance of literary awards to validate”The long, dry, rocky and lonely road for those who want to create and tell stories. There is another story that few know, except for those who live it ourselves. The immense loneliness of the writer, who works and works without knowing whether what he is creating is something beautiful or whether it will have to be thrown into the trash.».

Thus, the writer confirmed that she wanted it Ramon Jaya International Prize for Short Fiction «Help this writer who doubts his talent and works very lonely. I’m sure great stories will come from here».

For his part, Victor del Arbol celebrated the writers’ opportunity to launch a literary prize, especially the one with the characteristics of Ramon Jaya, which includes a prestigious jury, former jurors and an important award.

«It is great to have come to the Spanish Letters Theater this first international literary competition for the short novel by Murcia Ramón Jaya. As with the resolute commitment of the City Council of Murcia in favor of culture and especially literature, honoring and appreciating the essential contribution that writers make to society. Both the strong economic endowment and the extremely high level of jury members show this will“,.

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Besides Del Arbol, the ceremony was attended by Teresa Vicente, Aurora Gil Borquez, Elena Fuentes, Pedro Alberto Cruz and Lola Gracia, coordinator of the competition.

Contest rules

  • García Rex made the presentation before the official publication of the rules to give authors time to prepare their literary works, which must be a maximum of 100 pages in length.
  • The rules will be published at the beginning of the year. The International Short Fiction Competition of Murcia “Ramon Jaya” may attend all writers over eighteen years of Spanish nationality residing or not residing in Spain, foreigners residing or not residing on Spanish territory, who submit works written in Spanish.
  • Works must be original, completely unpublished, and individually authored. The work must not have been published in any electronic form in whole or in part. Nor may it be submitted without prizes or pending judgment in other competitions, or pending the decision of the editorial process, without the possibility of submitting the work of an author who died before the rules were published.
  • Works must be 100 pages maximum length and at least 80 pages long, in DIN A-4 format, typed in ARIAL font, size 12, double spaced, and on one side.
  • At the time of publication of the rules there will be a month for delivery of the work.

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