The house where Lucía Bosé lived is sold: it will be converted into a country residence

Lucia Bossuet, I called “blue mother” Due to his immediate surroundings, he lived a good portion of the last two decades of his life in the Blue House of Privat, in the province of Segovia. The Italian actress and model, Spanish nationalist, was the mother of one of the most avant-garde and famous stories in Spanish social history: Dominion Pose.

residence, conditioned by Lucia herself, It was one of his most prized possessions for being a personal retreat to all his relatives in their most private moments. Two months after his death in 2020, the family put the house up for sale and finally, after two years, Ownership has changed owners.

a house 430 square meters On three floors, it is located in a Plot 315 meters Boxes. It also has six large bedrooms, four full bathrooms, a guest toilet, a large dressing room and a loft. Although it came on the market in starting at 430,000 euros, It quickly reached 495,000 euros. One year after it was put on sale, it was put up for sale 450 thousand euros It was finally sold at a price similar to the latter, according to the real estate portal, The Singular Space, the real estate company that brokered the process. ideal.

Lucia Bossuet’s personal brand

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Moreover, they point out that Personal character of the artist He left an imprint on the house and it has been greatly appreciated by the new owners, who want to Keep the magic From home The aesthetics and uniqueness that characterizes the property was one of the reasons that prompted the decision New rural tourism project at home. However, new amenities will be added to improve the experience of customers who come.

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Among the most notable characteristics of the house are, for example, several Rooms painted in the artist’s iconic color: blue. We can find this color in the beautiful façade that surrounds the house, in the entrance courtyard, or in the staircases of the rooms.

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