“The House of the Dragon”, Caceres and a taste of the Golden Globes

The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles melted into standing ovation when it heard that The House of the Dragon had originated with the Golden Globe Award for best drama series of the year. If they celebrate it in California, Caceresa reference location for filming the film, is not far behind.

So the city enthusiastically lived the moment when Emma Darcy and Millie Alcock went up last morning with Miguel Sapochnik, showrunner of the series, to collect the award.

“We had an amazing cast, absolutely amazing. I don’t know what else to say. They were amazing. Hollywood Foreign Press, thank you very much. HBO, who entrusted us with their golden goose, was worth it and … Wow, it comes Music,” Sapochnik said taciturnly when he saw that they were starting to push him off the stage, according to what the specialized media reported yesterday.

Sapochnik would not continue to lead the delivery in her second season; Co-showrunner Ryan Condal will be doing the shoot, which will start in Cáceres next spring, and he’s made it happen “Our City Slingshots as a Reference Film Set”Tourism advisor Jorge Villar, from Portugal, said he is on a trip with the mayor, Luis Salaya, at a meeting to boost relations with the neighboring country.

They say La Casa del Dragón was the biggest surprise of the Golden Globes because no one bet on it compared to the rest of the competition: Better to call Saul, the Ozarks, the Severance, and the Crown. The achievement of this series has been so great that it has achieved what its older sister, “Game of Thrones”, also filmed in Cáceres, Trujillo and Malpartida, did not.

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Universe created by George RR MartinThus, it was able to surpass its predecessor in these awards, which are considered a precursor to the Academy Awards. Jorge Villar added, “We can only rejoice and say this Golden Globe is ours because Caceres was one of the main protagonists of the shooting.”

“The series doing well means that the project becomes more important and HBO will double down on its commitment,” said the council member, recognizing that La Casa del Dragon “It’s the best promotion a city our size can dream of.”

Set 300 years before the events recounted in Game of Thrones, the series tells the story of Viserys, chosen successor to the throne by the lords of Westeros after the death of his grandfather, Jaehaerys Targaryen, and 25 locations in the city were chosen for its filming From Cáceres, among them are the Arco de la Estrella, the squares of Santa María, San Jorge and San Mateo, Amargura Street, the Adarve de Santa Ana or Cuesta de Aldana. It was between October 11 and 21 last year when Atenea was recorded in Cáceres. The team arrived in the city, transforming it once again into one of the great cinema capitals of the world thanks to its impressive historic quarter, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


In the spring, these phases will shine again, thanks to the support of public administrations and all sectors: small and medium-sized businesses, extras, École supérieure des arts d’art, hotels, tourist accommodation … with which they have collaborated closely.

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The House of the Dragon, which chronicles the rise and subsequent fall of the house targaryen, After the Golden Globes, the magic that made Game of Thrones such a resounding success has been recaptured, for at least six seasons. The series revolves around a fictional civil war called The Dance of Dragons, which broke out after two Targaryens started a bloody feud over who had the right to sit on the throne. The Iron Throne.

Like Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon aired all 10 episodes of its first season on HBO. “The first season ends in fire and blood, and we will see each other until 2024,” said the creators of La casa del Dragón on October 24, the day of the final episode, which definitely launched Cáceres as a fetish setup. The series ended just one day after the “City of Dragons” ended in the capital of Cáceres, which is the first and largest concentration in Europe for fans and followers of the famous TV saga.

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More than 8,000 people participated andIt was the weekend of the event, in what the city council described as “the largest European meeting on Game of Thrones and the House of the Dragon that will continue given the success achieved in participation and the national and international ramifications”.

There will be more filming.Jorge Villar predicts, to make it clear that this is just beginning.

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