The Guardia Civil warns of euro currency fraud: be careful with these currencies

There are a lot of currencies in the world… It is not strange that some of them are similar to each other. This is why the Civil Guard has used social networks in recent hours to ask for caution: many confuse euro coins with Turkish lira coins, which are barely over 30 cents. In the photo you can see the differences. But this is not the only scam that worries customers in recent days.

Iberian scam

Iberia alerted its customers to a new scam circulating on WhatsApp. “Notice to passengers: In recent days we have discovered a large number of alerts related to false contests and sweepstakes on Iberia Airlines, which are circulated privately via WhatsApp and which are considered fraudulent,” the airline explains through its account. Twitter.

The offer that will come to our mobile phone is tempting, especially in these times. Nor can it be farfetched when, at certain times of the year, there are companies that launch campaigns with deep discounts to satisfy their customers. In this Iberia scam, WhatsApp will access our mobile using A link called “” asks several questions With multiple answers: age, how you estimate the airline… but they are in no way asking you for information. This is why it is so easy for a person to bite and remain confident.

After filling in all the fields, they give you a table with about 16 chests with a drawn gift. You will have three chances to win the prize. The first box you open gives you the usual “No prize, keep trying.” For the second, yes: You have a prize and you have received two plane tickets. Completely free. To get it, you have to forward the link to five contacts, then five more… until the scammers make sure they stay on the chain. Finally, the last step: You must pay 2.90 euros for the administration.

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Iberia states on its Twitter account that “All our sweepstakes, contests and promotions are always published exclusively on and Iberia profiles at social networks“.

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