The green lane Sanchez supposes: Too little hydrogen, too expensive and we’ll have to wait until at least 2030

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has turned the facts about French President Emmanuel Macron’s face of the MidCat gas pipeline project into a supposed lap with the new Green Corridor or underwater gas pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille. An idea, because there is not even a project, which will be a reality only after 2030, given the complexity of building an underwater gas pipeline. In principle, this infrastructure will send gas from Spain to France and the rest of Europe until about 2035, from then on, green hydrogen will flow through its pipes. In other words, this gas pipeline will not be able to solve more than a potential shortfall in Russian gas supplies due to the war in Ukraine, although the PSOE says it is “a new example of Spain’s international leadership”. The problem is that the current production of green hydrogen in our country is certified and its prices are very expensive. However, Spain may be a world leader in the production of this energy in the future. Mobile desktop icon image, subwoofer and application Mobile phone icon AMP 4700 APP code Regarding the green corridor, we will have to see the fine print of the verbal agreement between Macron, Sanchez and his Portuguese colleague Antonio Costa because France will want to have the key to the future gas pipeline, as required in His day if MidCat was manufactured. More Information France will only build the MidCat gas pipeline if it has a ‘pass-key’ and is paid for by the European Union, Spain, France and Portugal have reached an agreement to replace MidCat with a green energy corridor By the way, this gas pipeline between Figueres and the French border, which was halted Built in 2010, it was rejected by the PSOE. The current third vice president and Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa Ribera, and her husband, Mariano Passigalupo, who was a consultant at the National Statistics Center, voted against resuming the business. However, Sanchez’s blatant interest in leading solutions to the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine prompted him to change his mind and declare MidCat was the solution so that the EU would not run short on gas. The situation was not real, because France did not want to build its part of the infrastructure, and even if it agreed, it would take several years to get it up and running.

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