The government reveals the day on which it will agree to deduct the new petrol price

On April 1, one of the government’s measures to help mitigate the effects of inflation took effect, a subsidy of 20 cents per liter of gasoline.

Economic relief in the face of the increase in the cost of fuel, which ends next December 31, when we say goodbye to 2022.

However, the executive branch’s plans include renewing aid and, as the president himself has hinted, Pedro SanchezA few days ago during the submission of municipal nominations for the Socialist Party.

In addition, Maria Jesus MonteroThe Minister of Finance emphasized, that there are “few days left to see what the new Decree Law will include” which is designed to continue to resist the allure of inflation.

Option to reduce aid to certain groups

“We are finalizing the” new package, depending on how the price of energy and the price of a barrel of oil behaves to see if we extend the measures or replace them with another,” Montero added.

One aspect of the aid that could be changed is that it is not beneficial to everyone but to the sectors most affected, such as transport, where the vice president was responsible for the slide. Nadia Calvino:

“What we are seeing is whether this bonus can be abolished for everyone and retained only in the sectors for which it is necessary,” he said.

In any case, the date chosen to approve the measures will be December 29 next when the Council of Ministers convenes.

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