The government lends 7,000 million to Social Security to pay the Christmas bonus to retirees

Social Security must pay nearly 22,000 million euros to double the salaries of retirees who are entitled to an additional amount

New retirees will have an income of more than 3,000 euros at the end of the month

Social Security collects 8.6% more contributions from workers so far this year

Minister of Finance and Public Service, Maria Jesus Montero, and Minister of Integration, Social Security and Immigration, José Luis Escriva Europe press

Gonzalo de Velardi


Updated at 4:51 pm.

will be in the end 7000000000 of the extra euros that Social Security will need to be able to meet all the remaining payments until the end of the year. Among them, the most massive, the Extra Pay for Christmas Among the more than nine million…

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