The government clarifies whether there have been changes to cuts to petrol and diesel from January

uncertainty about The price of gasoline It remains one of the great concerns of Spanish citizens. The Anti-crisis plan measures Against the effects of the war in Ukraine, including reducing the cost of fuel, will expire on December 31 and it seems that the extension of some of these, such as 20 cents per litre In fuel, it is not guaranteed from this moment on.

At the moment, the government has not made a decision about what will happen with the cuts in The price of petrol and diesel after the expiry of this date. Everything indicates that some of these actions can be modified so that they only affect most vulnerable sectorsAlthough the significant drop in the cost of petrol and diesel in recent days may prompt the executive branch to put an end to these deductions.

Calvino explains what will happen with anti-crisis measures

The last person to say what will happen to the price of fuel and other aid against rising inflation was the First Vice President and Minister of Economy. Nadia Calvino, during an interview with the media ahead of the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels. “It is clear that our aim was, in the first phase, to implement large-scale shock measures with a general effect and, little by little, to try to focus sectors most affectedto those of the most vulnerable or also to the middle classes, ”said the Spanish politician.

This is not the first time that the Minister of Economy has confirmed this idea that aid can be allocated to face the crisis from December 31 to December 31. most affected population groups. This is the government’s most considered solution, which can preserve deductions, but only for certain low-income groups. On their part, there is already an extension of some measures of the anti-crisis plan, such as those related to free public transportation, which are already included in the draft state budget for the year 2023.

Our aim was to implement shock measures and large-scale measurements and, little by little, try to focus on the most affected sectors.

Nadia Calvino

First Vice President of the Government of Spain

Moreover, this data is consistent with the warnings issued by various organizations such as Bank of SpainThe Corporal o Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), who had previously insisted on the dangers that would entail in maintaining such aid for all citizens. They believe that some of these do, in fact, benefit families who really don’t need them, as they can assume this has an impact on rental prices.

Link the gas discount to the rent

Third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa RiberaYou also commit to limiting these discounts to those who need them most. According to her, the intent is “Focusing effort on those who need it most”thus unlocking the extension of this discount to different professional sectors as well as for Low-income individualsIt can also happen at a discount of 20 cents per liter.

However, within government there are also critics of tying this deduction to citizens’ income. This is the case of the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Monterowho ruled out this possibility, arguing that Gas stations are not trained to act as tax inspectors.. However, he spoke of linking this reduction in petrol and diesel prices to certain occupational sectors.

Calvinho from Brussels also considered that despite the changes that these measures may undergo, the government will continue on “the same path of reform and fiscal responsibility” for 2023. The intention will be to continue to curb inflation, maintain efficiency and reduce energy consumption, three measures included in the guide Economic policy that “avoided the most negative scenarios”.

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