The Golden Shoe captain is a Norwegian… not Haaland

TEverything seemed to indicate that the leadership of the Golden Boot was in the hands of Erling Haaland For his great start to the season with Manchester City, his scoring instinct and his impressive performances. Norwegian striker Scored 17 goals in 11 matches in the Premier League and achieved something unprecedented so far: scoring three goals in a row. Despite this, he does not lead the scorers’ cup standings. The captain is Amhal Pellegrino, a player from Bodo/Glimt who has already scored 23 goals this season. in the elite series.

The veteran striker, sitting far ahead of his compatriot, played most of his career in Norway. however, He never became international with his country. Another thing that Pellegrino is curious about is that he is a big fan of Ronaldinho. In addition, all of his goals are dedicated to Ronnie Lian, who was his coach when he was young and who passed away. The football player even drew it on his skin.

but this is not all. Amahl is also a fanatic and a follower of Bara and He was at the Camp Nou on the return day 6-1 against PSG. In a post on his Instagram, he attached a photo of the moment with the following text:What just happened f*ck!! ”

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The Golden Shoe rating is very narrow. Pellegrino is the leader with 23 goals and 34.5 points, but Haaland is very close with 17 goals and 34 points. The difference in points is smaller because In the Premier League two points are added for each goal, while in the Norwegian League only 1.5 points are added for each goal scored. The podium was closed by Robert Lewandowski, who has already seen the goalkeeper 12 times in LaLiga.

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Amahl Pellegrino can currently boast of being at the top of the rankings. However, it is likely that he will soon stop being the leader since then There are only three matches left until the end of the Norwegian League.

  • Amal Pellegrino (Bodou Glimt): 23 goals – 34.5 points
  • Erling Haaland (Manchester City): 17 goals – 34 points
  • Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona): 12 goals – 24 points
  • Bobor Abdulkhalikov (Energetic) 23 goals – 23 points
  • Alexander Geremjev (Heiken): 22 goals – 22 points
  • Raymonds Krollis (Valmera): 22 goals – 22 points
  • Ole Christian Seiter (Rosenburg): 14 goals – 21 points
  • Tobias Heinz (Sarpsburg): 14 goals – 21 points
  • Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain): 10 goals – 20 points
  • Harry Kane (Tottenham): 10 goals – 20 points

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