The ‘gingival dilation crisis: humour, feminism, and controversy

Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martin They started recording gingival tightening Two years ago through Zoom, in their homes, in complete confinement. They did so with no other intention than to form their own project and fill the void that they themselves were aware of, which is Female-led humorto a very minor role in the comedy market.

Their original format, fresh, fun, feminist and open-minded, earned them the acclaim of a large audience that also demanded this type of content. His podcast is today the most listened to in Spain. They closed the fourth season with 1,351,000 unique listeners each month, a number that also rises to 3.85 million if all copies of the old episodes are added. And they already accumulate two Surf Awards. His last success was hanging the entire poster with his poster Displays live on The Zink Center in MadridIt was sold out in just 17 hours 12000 entries Available. Indisputable success.

But being at the top also meant a complicated descent, and the fall was very difficult for the two young presenters, who last August were embroiled in the most serious controversy of their careers. since forever, Both select gingival tightening as a “safe place”this place Free from machismo, racism, misogyny, homophobia and any other kind of discrimination. A program that not only put itself in defense of oppressed groups, but also gave their representatives a megaphone to spread their message to the world. This way they were able to connect with a loyal audience who felt comfortable and acquainted with them, but it was those same fans who bombarded them with criticism after they announced that one of the podcast guests would be Patricia Sornosa, the comedian who publicly disagrees with the theory Like methe transition between the sexes, and, in general, the idea that sex is merely a social construct.

There were many who were offended when they saw the young comedians receive Sornosa, and of course It didn’t take long for accusations of transphobia to flood the Carolina and Victoria networksIt even prompted the latter to leave Twitter due to the amount of hateful comments he received. Insults and threats It not only penetrated the Internet, but also affected the relatives of both, and led some users to contact the platforms and brands they collaborate with to request their dismissal. “I fully understand that people have every right to express their displeasure, to criticize me, and to say that they do not like my work of course, but The ferocity with which we are attacked goes beyond extremely dangerous limitsMartin wrote on Instagram.

separate tracks

After the controversy, and with the complete success of WiZink between them, the two partners announced stop for gingival tightening And they went their separate ways. Caroline Iglesias Launch on Spotify with Carolatipodcast style “Late Night Show” where he interviewed famous guests, gave way to the monologues of emerging comedians and featured Laura Marquez and Charlie B. for this part, Victoria Martin Unleash unfiltered humor bad peoplewhich is the form in which he will try to reveal the dark part that lives within each individual.

In principle, None of these projects should interfere with continuity gingival tighteningwhich plans to launch Season 5 on January 6, 2023.

But, Could the beginning of these parallel proposals be the beginning of the end of the program? It could be, although none of the proponents confirmed this theory. In this case, it remains to enjoy the four seasons that have already aired and the upcoming fifth, and see how their new independent content works.

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