The German foreign minister is traveling to China to neutralize the damage caused by Macron’s remarks

As French President Emmanuel Macron’s heated rhetoric continued, Germany’s foreign minister visited China on Thursday on a damage-limiting mission. Macron indicated that the European Union could maintain a position independent of Washington and Beijing. For her part, Annalina Berbock returned the letter to the official European position and tried to dispel it The impression of the European Union discord. He described the reality of “strength” as, “Not only are we close when it comes to the core issues of our interests and values, but we also follow common strategic approaches.”

Berbock stressed that the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, and Macron traveling together to China was a “very important signal,” but stressed that if they had a common internal market, European countries would not be able to “take different positions.” on the largest trading partner of the bloc, i.e. China. “The federal government does not coordinate with any other EU partner as closely on these issues as it does with our friends in France,” he said.

Reduce stress

From Burbock’s point of view, the most important thing now is to reduce the strained relations between China and Taiwan. 50% of world trade and 70% of semiconductors pass through the Taiwan Strait: “This means that free access to the Taiwan Strait is also in our economic interest” and that tensions can “Don’t be irrelevantFor Germany and the European Union. He said that a military escalation between China and Taiwan would be “the worst scenario for the whole world, but especially for us as one of the largest industrialized countries.”

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Therefore, Berlin is working with partners around the world to reduce tension in the region and prevent further escalation. During his three-day visit to China, he focused his efforts on promoting the fact that China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and as a country with “More influence on Russia“,” Commit yourself to peace in the world and engage so that Russia’s brutal war of aggression may finally be brought to a just end.

Before traveling to Korea and Japan, Beerbock scheduled meetings with his Chinese counterpart, Chen Gang; dignitary, Wang Yi; Vice President Han Cheng on Friday and tomorrow. The German government would like to express its “concern” about the situation in the Taiwan Strait and reiterate that it adheres to its policy of not recognizing the independence of this territory from China.

From Berlin, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius called Macron’s statement “unfortunate”, saying: Being an “ally” of the United States does not mean being a “subordinate” and that “we have no right to think for ourselves.” These words opened a new chasm in the already deteriorating Franco-German axis and Pistorius took particular interest in making it clear that “we were in no danger of becoming dependent on the United States”.

Pistorius also insisted that “it is necessary for the European Union to talk about foreign policy and security policy, and to define its positions in coordination with the transatlantic ally, the United States.” “This is our mission and it does not help at all to sow discord in different situations, and this in the end only helps Chinese foreign policy,” he added.

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Berbuck’s trip was announced on Wednesday and is part of a format of talks known as the Strategic Dialogue that the two countries launched in 2014.

Peace and stability

We are very concerned about the situation in the Taiwan Strait. “We hope that all concerned will contribute to peace and stability in the region and this also applies to China,” said State Department spokeswoman Andrea Sassi, whose threat to use military force increases the risk of a fire. Sasse reiterated that the German government’s position regarding Taiwan has not changed and is still based on “adjustments to the ‘status quo’, which should only be changed in a consensual and peaceful way.”

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius called Macron’s statement “unfortunate”, saying that being an “ally” of the United States does not mean being a “vassal”.

Foreign Ministry Deputy Spokesperson Christian Hoffmann also dismissed suspicions that Germany would remain true to the “One China” policy, which would imply maintain good relations with Beijing. “At the same time, we maintain Taiwan’s economic and civil society relations, but align ourselves closely with the United States, which is the most important security partner for the European Union, when it comes to Taiwan,” he said, adding that if there was conflict, it would maintain Germany only has “economic, trade and cultural relations” with Taiwan.

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