The five Quevedo collaborations you just can’t miss

These are the songs that the Canary Midway artist performed with other artists that marked his short career

“2021, su; 2022, genie; 2023, crown; 2024, disappear.”. Quevedo released this mysterious message in What nowOne of the songs from his first album, where i want to be The Canary artist seemed to indicate his intention to shorten his career to four years, from 2021, when he began to stand out with songs such as Lamb skin also Night has fallenuntil next year, when it is expected to reach a level summit music.

Quevedo’s career has been marked, as with most urban artists, by collaborations with other singers. These are some of the foot. which led the singer to become a regular member of the top 10 From Spanish to world charts.

‘Cayó la noche Remix’ with La Pantera, Joseph, Bejo, Abhir Hathi, Cruz Cafuné and El Ima

It came number one among the many songs that Quevedo has compiled in the most streamed songs charts on Spotify in Spain. Fallen Night Remix, a song for which the singer, La Pantera and Juseph recalled their colleagues Bejo, Abhir Hathi, Cruz Cafuné and El Ima. the “Canarian forces” It became one of the most listened to songs in the first months of 2022 and added four platinum records. Fans went straight to the 5:40 mark, as Quevedo unleashed his bars.

Playa del Ingles with Myke Towers

Quevedo joined forces with singer Myke Towers, one of the main exponents of the current Puerto Rican scene, to interpret Playa del Inglés, one of the most listened to songs from his album. Al-Kanary achieved one of his dreams by publishing this collaboration, as he was able to sing with this song with one of his references, who he considered himself “Best Urban Artist in the World”. Of course, he got another #1.

“BZRP Music Sessions #52”, featuring Bizarrap

Quevedo made history in July 2022 by infiltrating his session with Bizarrap into No. 1 Spotify global listeners. Then he became the first Spanish artist to achieve this and since then “his stay” He never missed a concert and his songs one after another remained on the charts.

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“Real J” with Bad Guy

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Quevedo released the song last December with famous artist Bad Gial Real Ja term that refers to an environment Hip Hop For those people who remain true to their style. This is one of the few collaborations he’s ever had with a woman, and that’s why the artist’s fans like it He criticized the decision to choose the Canarian singer your new bachelor Instead of having one of her buddies, like La Zowi. However, Quevedo stated that working with Bad Gyal was “a very interesting experience” for him. Produced by Taiko, Sky Rompiendo and Merca Bae, the song is slightly different from the song Reggaeton To bring artists closer dance.

“But You”, with KAROL G

Pero tú is the latest collaboration published by Quevedo and is part of the new album by Colombian artist KAROL G, Tomorrow will be beautiful. The Medellin artist’s work was released just two weeks ago and she has already made history as the first artist to achieve gold on the list plate 200 With a CD in Spanish.

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