The first remote self-consumption energy communities will arrive in May

Starting May 10, electricity company Comunidad Solar will offer remote self-consumption allowing you to purchase solar panels in the energy community to receive power at no cost through your electric bill. It is a service designed for those who want to save on their electricity bill and make a positive environmental impact.

More than 65% of homes in Spain do not have sufficient roofs for the installation of self-consumption. With this reality in mind, Comunidad Solar has designed an innovative remote self-consumption service designed primarily for apartment dwellers and commercial building owners or tenants who have not yet had access to self-consumption solutions due to not having their own roof, unlike single-family homes. In this way, Comunidad Solar, a Spanish energy company specializing in the provision of photovoltaic self-consumption services, democratizes energy resources. The new remote self-consumption solution will provide a response to energy price fluctuations starting in May, will provide families and small businesses with an alternative to save on electricity bills, and will promote the generation and consumption of renewable energy, creating a positive impact. impact on the environment.

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“Something has changed forever in the self-consumption sector, where those of us who live in an apartment can own our own solar panels in the Energy Society and generate our own,” he explains. Eugenio Calderonco-founder of Solar Community.

In Comunidad Solar, they have designed a remote self-consumption for that large part of the Spanish population that does not have enough roof for a self-consumption installation to have their own solar panels in the Solar Community and enjoy the energy they produce at zero euros per capita. kilowatt-hours during the 30-year useful life of the panel. “Our solar communities have thousands of panels and the average household needs to purchase at least six solar panels to enjoy 70% savings on the electricity bill thanks to remote self-consumption,” adds Calderón.

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Comunidad Solar provides the user with the right to consume the energy produced remotely in the solar parks for a period of 30 years. The company’s electricity supplier feeds power generated from the user’s solar panels at remote utilities back to the power grid, providing the same amount of power for your home or business premises at no cost. he Savings on the electricity bill It is visible from the first month and the value of surplus energy that can be generated is accumulated in a virtual battery to be debited to the bills of subsequent months. In the opposite case, if the consumption at home exceeds the amount of remotely generated energy, Comunidad Solar provides the excess at the regulated market rate.

Currently, Comunidad Solar has it in Spain Three solar parks And a small hydroelectric power station is ready to go on May 10, which is the date when the company will release all information about this new method of self-consumption solar energy.

The company specializes in providing energy self-consumption services: remote, individual, group and proximity. Founded in 2018, in just 5 years it has carried out more than 1,000 solar panel installations in homes and buildings throughout Spain. The company’s business purpose is to make renewable energy assets belong to the people, thereby combating rising energy prices and building a fairer and more sustainable energy system that works for all people. on the company’s website Self-consumption can be reserved remotely and after its launch on May 10, the first energy community with remote self-consumption will be launched in Spain.

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