The European political group is isolating Russia

The meeting of the European Political Group (CPE) bringing together all the EU member states and the long list of hopefuls to be one day was intended to show their unequivocal support for Ukraine, as well as the outright isolation of Russia. . It is celebrated specifically in Moldova, a region that the Kremlin includes within what it sees as its sphere of influence in its attempts to rebuild its imperial frontiers and just 20 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, which continues to come under attack from Russia. ..

With this meeting, from which no concrete agreements were expected, the EU wanted confirmation your support for moldova, A country bordering Ukraine and where there is a frozen conflict with the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria, where Moscow maintains a military unit.

In addition to the heads of state or government of the European Union and the rest of the countries, including Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky, President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen; From the European Council, Charles Michell; Speaker of Parliament, Roberta Metsola; And the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

Moldova closed its airspace during the summit and NATO reconnaissance planes are patrolling in anticipation of possible Russian incursions. Indeed, most of the leaders did not spend the night in this country, but kept their stay to a minimum.

Welcoming the participants, Moldovan President Maia Sado stressed that the meeting should be interpreted as “a clear expression of our unity, strength and determination to act as a united European family”.

The second meeting

This was the second meeting of the CPE, an organization created specifically to unite all the countries neighboring the European Union even if they are not members. On the occasion, the leaders also posed for a family photo meant as a powerful symbol of the isolation of Russia and Belarus, who are absent from the organisation.

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Head of European Diplomacy, Josep Borrell In this regard, he said, “Putin’s Russia has distanced itself from this society by waging war. I hope that having so many leaders here, so close to Ukraine, will send a strong message about the unity of many countries, not just the European Union, to defend the regime.” international”.

Some countries wanted to express their support for Ukraine more intensely, as was the case with French President Emmanuel Macron, who met with Zelensky and announced that France “will contribute to creating the necessary framework to start training Ukrainian fighter pilots, according to the needs of national defense,” says Juan Pedro Quinonero of Paris.

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