The European Commission is ready to distribute 250 million euros to countries affected by fences and floods such as Spain

The European Commission has shown itself willing to distribute 250 million euros The remaining reserves of the agricultural crisis between the countries of the European Union most affected by drought And Floods “If the circumstances so warrant,” following a petition submitted this Tuesday by the Portuguese delegation on behalf of Spain, Italy and France.

Following the statement, the European Commissioner for Agriculture said, Janusz Wojciechowski, This tuesday confirmed that he confirms that he is listening clearly and loudly to “support” requests During his speech in Brussels to the Ministers of Agriculture of the European Union.

Likewise, he has reiterated on social networks his desire to use 250 million euros Still available in the agricultural reserve, after the two packages, one with a value of 56.3 million and the other, not yet approved, with a value of 100 million euros.

Recognizing the need for increased investment in creating risk management strategies and strengthening tools for mitigate the impact of climate change, The Polish commissioner noted that the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) provides a “toolbox” to strengthen management, so he hopes these possibilities can be “exploited” in order to support the most affected people, including farmers.

On the other hand, he indicated that he had already commissioned the services of his portfolio to assess the requests made by the Portuguese delegation to activate the support that could exist within the framework of the common agricultural policy with the aim that all workers in the agricultural sector, who have been affected, can continue their activity.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Louis Planas, He insisted on mobilizing the crisis reserves “as soon as possible”, because he considers it “fair” to support the agriculture and livestock sector in this situation caused by the climate crisis, as it has a “direct impact”. in agricultural markets.

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The document indicates that it is necessary to increase the level of percentages of advances even 70% at least In the case of direct payments, even at least 85% for aid granted within the framework of rural development. In addition, 2023 single applicants may be paid prior to the completion of spot checks.

The Commissioner appealed to the requesting countries for calm to ensure that the European Commission is “open” to consider the possibilities on the table.

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