The English Premier League: From supposed bankruptcy to super waste

Nothing does add. Recently, Super League theorists declared that this project is the only alternative to save soccer from a imminent bankruptcy And before less than that, last month we found ourselves with an indecent waste of millions on winter signings by leading. Several questions immediately arise: where is the colossal bankruptcy that was hovering over this warehouse?

rte? How sustainable is a model like the English one – watered with “petroleum dollars” – if it relies on such senseless waste? Why doesn’t financial fair play apply to everyone equally? What control mechanism do you plan to implement?


So that no one participating in the Continental Championships is at a disadvantage by having to adapt to different economic rules? Is all this serious? The truth is ugly. while clubs


Invested 31.8 million in January, those of


31.2 and those of


68.3, diff


They jumped to a staggering 829.8 million. he


It was the waste king with 329.5 kilograms (121 of which to combine in

Enzo Fernandez

). the


She has money to buy all of Europe, but it seems that she is

extravagant politician

, this no brakes trading through the market will end up hurting it. Honestly, I trust the most in the sustainability and feasibility guidelines of


This is in this

Huge lack of control

. to time.

Protect the artist

It’s a mandatory principle in all shows… except football. It would be necessary to influence much more on this topic, with

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as a basis for the present. in line with this,

Gabriel Paulista

He was honored with his sincere apology after the kick to the Brazilian. Last Monday, someone (convenient and needed) told me he was going to play in the first game for the national team

Ceballos and ten others

. Well let’s see. Much is said about

drop 100 points

What does he have?


winter hero, and a little bit of

Dropped 14 goals against

what’s wrong with that

Ter Stegen

, the wall upon which this unofficial nickname is built. Huge show on display in the US:

LeBron James

is about to break the record of 38,387 points

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

in the NBA. You can’t demonize

foreign investors

For some specific cases it doesn’t work. What really hurt clubs

Invisible heads

. Not being on site is an invitation to fail. The journalist writes it in his book Tell the Truth.

Anthony Kao

former director of



“Our work is exciting, but at the same time stressful. We live in a very emotional environment (…) where we often find ourselves surrounded by other people’s emotions.”

Well imagine those


In the case of sports journalists.

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