The English Premier League: From retirement to becoming the eldest hero of ‘Hollywood’ at the age of 40

Andhe Wrexham had become One of the greatest stories of English football since Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney became owners in November 2020. The third oldest team in the world plays its matches In the National League (5th place in English) With a staff that is well above the average level of competition.

Among football players, there is Ben Foster, the former Manchester United goalkeeper who announced his retirement last summer after being Watford’s starting goalkeeper in the English Premier League.. Or so I even intended Wrexham put him out of retirement about a month ago.

Meeting a modest century of football

Today, in what the British press described as “The most important game in the history of the National League“, Foster dressed up as a hero. In the foreground was notts county, Historic English Club And the main competitor of the Hollywood team for direct promotion. Both finished tied at 100 points at the top of the tablealthough Wrexham played one match less.

After a game full of tension More than 10,000 fans attendedthe locals had an advantage 3-2 in the 97th minute when the referee ordered a penalty kick against him. season on the wire, Sedwin Scott at launch and Ben Foster Under Sticks. The rest is history.

Goalkeeper A Wonderful stretch. Imporopia from 40 years oldto make her delirious Hippodrome. All his companions came to congratulate him, and he became The great hero Right after the final whistle. The station is equal to half a period Six days from the end.

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