The end of a period for immigrants in Mexico: “We must listen to them or they send us back”

Journalist Juan Miguel Hernando of Radio Formula and a resident of the Tijuana (Mexico) border asserts that “there is a lot of fear, uncertainty and fear from both civil society and the government” due to the saturation of the shelters with up to 5,000 migrants. For his part, Jose Maria García Lara, a human rights activist, confirmed that there were 5,000 more people in the hotels. Both account for many succumbing between the two walls and exposed to extreme temperatures without water, food, or baths. Jana García (fictitious last name), a Colombian immigrant seeking transit accompanied by her compatriots, has been waiting for six days and “they haven’t told us anything yet.” It is marked on the wrist with a yellow bracelet, supposedly to give them priority. Still… see more

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