The editor who “resurrected” Albert Camus

On February 8, in the midst of the cold that froze the seashores, he died in Madrid Rafael Martinez Alicehe editor Which, in 1993, he decided to revive The work of Albert Camus. He was a man who seemed to make him listen, and thus made more than a thousand friends, among whom were other authors and publishers, at a time when the more human elements of commerce were beginning to decline, including interest in the ideas which they gave you to neighbors, competitors, and even those you had as friends or relatives.

This is a story which I found exciting and never forgot, for it is not popular and he never boasted of it, but he kept it with pride in producing it and with a little glory that all editors have because they do something later, when they are alive, credited to the authors and not to those who move to make them visible. In the case of Albert Camus, who was “resurrected” by Raphael for the sake of history, things went like this.

We were in for a literary raucous session, as it used to be, at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Each of us certainly had an idea to ‘sell’ to each one of the others, as happens in meetings of those who have devoted ourselves to suggesting books or other activities having to do with the sector in which I am next. belongs.

Rafael Martinez Alice He was a veteran who worked at the time for the most important publishing house in Spain, among those who were born and survived a long post-war pandemic. founded it Don Jose Ortega Sporttunoson Ortega y Gassetwho also founded the history of the daily press Country. Javier Pradera and Jaime Salinas They were very strong signatures of that adventure, which was continued at that time, in 1993, by my good friend, the amazing person, who was Alice Rafael Martinez.

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As a teenager in Tenerife, I discovered Camus’ work, his cards, his diaries, Alien, reverse and right … I learned the phrases, used them in my own texts, it sounded as if an explosion in North Africa had reached my ears, and from then on everything that came from Camus was what I had to hear and repeat. I remember that on a table which I still had in the island, I had those books, which I consulted and copied as if they were a passionate gospel of land and sea and men and their evil and their commitment and their adventures. Among those statements which were then (and are) part of my civic obligation was this: “The sun that reigned in my childhood deprived me of all displeasure.” And in a prominent place in my personal book there was (and there is) this other: “I understood then that The harmony of the day was broken, and the extraordinary silence of the beach where I was happy & rdquor;.

With the last sentence, translate Jose Angel ValenteI became an adult, because I became an adult reading outside, With which this quote corresponds, perhaps The most disturbing and humane novel I have ever readwhile I was also reading Mika Waltari Oh Knut Hamsun. And for reasons my successive periods of life have been nurturing, I felt closer to Camus than to him Jean Paul Sartrewho was then the “other” in the proper names dispute in literature. Naturally, I read both of them, but for understandable reasons, I even read them Epidemic, It always seemed to me that Camus served best for understanding what was happening in our lives and in the world around us.

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In the meantime that was the end of Francoism and the subsequent transition (an impressive period that Podemos or other controversies wanted to bury in order to make the present period of our lives more incomprehensible). Albert Camus Stored in an ice bucket. Then it occurred to me to write Country, An article titled like this: The need for Albert Camus. In those days when the article appeared, I had this cultural activity where I met my friend Rafael, Alianza editor.

Raphael spoke while listening. He had this air of those who are good on the inside and also good on the outside. His relationship was long with the world to which he was devoted, and at Alianza he was doing what a good editor should do: prolonging new truths in what were the great ideas of his predecessors, among which, as the editorial itself states At the time of his farewell, Raphael had the admirable initiative of putting the collection into the hands of All Spanish and Latin American readers. Alianza 100, a hundred titles for a hundred pesetas that made literature overcome the false seriousness of the newsstands Best sellers.

This, among many other initiatives. He was then an editor, a so-called editor, someone who lives not only from what they bring in, but above all, from what he invents. Since he had Albert Camus work there and I got the idea to write this article, albert camus need, I pointed out to him the importance that Alianza must make to re-launch the work that this reader (and not only!) has valued in his entire life. Tall, elegant, his eyes always on the verge of leaping with emotion or affection, he told me this simply:

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Who is responsible for editing?

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As he was so quick to accept the idea, I felt the need for it to be the same, so I gave him, in turn, a suitable name before him on the spot and immediately put this print on from all work Camus is on his way. revive it. For this reason, for a long time, almost thirty years, the beautiful collection which Martínez Alice gave herself to listen to the thoughts of others was present in libraries and in homes, supported by the strange signature of José María Gilbenzo, whose name I suddenly told Rafael, and which I will give at once Another day in the unlikely event that Camus’s existence darkens again, now in the hands of the excellent Random House as well.

Rafael Martinez Alice. In that emotional farewell to his successors at Alianza, one of the joys of bad news is usually mentioned in connection with the absence of those who were great. “His legacy is in publishing” The note reads, “He is held captive by the family, especially his daughter Elena Martinez Bavier, a distinguished article editor & rdquor ;. Witness. Elena is that continuity that editors (and parents!) demand as Raphael, the alert, articulate, head-to-toe Taurus (who I think I was pulling out when I dared him with the idea) Kamose that his father kissed me) does an extraordinary job, among which is the publication of the great master Emilio Ledoa camo of our time.

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