The economy created 471,000 jobs in 2022 but growth slowed with the worst December in a decade

Employment is showing signs of a slowdown in the economy as the months go by. The average number of Social Security enrollees in 2022 grew at 471,360 workers, which is up 2.38% year-on-year. A figure that values ​​the branch ministry, although it represents a relative increase of less than 1.6 points over last year.

Going into detail for December, the year closed at 20,296,271 average affiliates, an all-time high. But the symptoms of market exhaustion are more than the tangible reality. That month, job growth was barely noticeable 12,640 workers, 0.06% more than in November. To find a worse December, you have to go back to 2012, when 88,367 monthly jobs were destroyed.

Also, taking the seasonally adjusted series as a reference, i.e. without taking into account in this case the exceptional staffing of the Christmas campaign, December was a black month. Employment is showing no signs of slowing, but even job destruction is already taking place. The seasonally adjusted average affiliation decreased by 8,347 people in December compared to November. Job destruction has not been seen under these terms since April 2021 and it is also the worst December since the financial crisis.

It was the general system, excluding the agricultural system and domestic workers, that withdrew job opportunities in 2022 by adding nearly 525 thousand affiliates. However, the agricultural system lost more than 48,000 workers a year as a whole, the household nearly 5,600, and self-employment stopped altogether with only five self-employed. In the monthly breakdown for December, only the agricultural system and the domestic worker system rise from the affiliation data, while the rest of the systems fall.

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On the one hand registered unemploymentIn December, this decreased by 43,727 people compared to the previous month. In relative terms, the decline was 1.52%, leaving the number of unemployed at 2,837,653, the lowest level since 2007. However, the rate of decline was much lower than that recorded in December 2021, when the statistics decreased by 76,782 people. On the other hand, compared to December 2021, the unemployment rate decreased on an annual basis by 268,252 people (-8.64%).

Thus, one year has passed since Yolanda Diaz’s labor reform entered into force. Twelve months later, the government confirmed that its “positive effects on stabilizing employment” were already beginning to be felt. To support this statement, they use data that affiliates with an indefinite contract increased by 2.3 million from December to December. The Ministry of Social Security also highlights that “the greater stability brought about by the labor reform can also be seen in the increase in the duration of contracts that expired during the year 2022 by 25%, compared to the situation before the pandemic.”

In 2022, a total of 18,310,343 contracts were signed, down 4,201,878 contracts (-18.7%) compared to the same period in 2019, before Covid. Of this total, 7,027,160 were indefinite contracts through December 2022, a number representing an increase of 4,913,819 over the same period in 2021, while the total number of temporary contracts was 11,283,183.

Six out of ten contracts in Spain were Temporary Last year it was one of the problems that afflicted our country despite the labor reform passed by the executive branch. And all bearing in mind that so-called intermittent fixed calls are not accounted for in this data; In addition, 74% of contracts were not in indefinite stability.

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Of the total permanent contracts signed in 2022, on a cumulative January-December basis, a total of 2,966,106 were full-time (+129.41% yoy) and another 1,741,527 were part-time (+212). , 38%). from here, 2,319,527 contracts were fixed and intermittent contractsa figure that adds to the indefinite but this year has served to obscure the temporary nature of hiring, as many organizations and analysts have denounced.

The contract is indefinite yet repair workThus, it relied mostly on partial and non-continuous contracts, totaling more than 4 million signatures out of the 7 million signatures that were in place in 2022.

Specifically, for the month of December, permanent workers were also broken down in a similar way to that for the year as a whole. “December indefinite contracts are divided, in terms of duration of working hours, into 178,983 full-time, 107,292 part-time and 177,877 permanent-non-continuous. Compared to December 2021: the former increased by 69,050 (62.81%), the latter increased by 60,158 (127.63%), and the latter increased by 161,160 (964.05%),” they indicate in the data.

Regarding all this, they recall from the CSIF union that “there are more than 2.8 million unemployed and there has been a significant increase in part-time contracts (three times that in the previous year compared to more than double the number of fixed contracts. ), so the government must avoid getting caught.” On a winning streak.” They add a caveat that “labor reform can mask precarious situations, since the number of permanent, intermittent idle people is unknown and is not accounted for in unemployment numbers. Similarly, other types of situations such as ‘partial layoffs’” are caused by firms that assume The cost of compensation for unfair dismissal in contracts ranging from one to three months.

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