The DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation 5 will be powered by interchangeable parts

Sony’s video game division introduced the DualSense Edge to the community, an evolution of its PlayStation 5 console. The new addon, which contains modules for sticks Interchangeable, it will arrive in stores on January 26, 2023 for €239.99. According to the company, the product will be available globally in the main markets in which the PlayStation brand operates.

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DualSense Edge owners will be able to reset buttons, adjust the sensitivity of controllers and analog triggers, as well as work with a number of pre-programmed profiles. In the package offered by Sony, the product will come with replaceable covers for the analog sticks and two sets of rear buttons.

Sony guarantees that all DualSense Edge units will include a carrying case with a USB-C connection inside to charge the peripheral device without having to remove it from its protective case. The kit offered by the company also includes a high-quality braided USB-C to USB-A cable; DualSense Edge wireless controller; USB braided cable; 2 standard pads; 2 platforms high vault. 2 low vault pillows; 2 back buttons in the middle of the vault; 2 back toggle buttons; Connector housing and transfer case mentioned above.

DualSense Edge – PS5 Trailer Features

Market (expensive) for consoles excellent

“Created with performance and customization in mind, the PS5 DualSense Edge Wireless Controller invites you to create exclusive gaming experiences with custom controls adjusted to your own playing style; the manufacturer confirms. A hands-on message announcing Elite Series features 2, the competition’s premium console, which also bet to integrate many customization options for both hardware and software.You can also choose “Elite Series 2” Customized with all components (cams, sticks, cross and charging case) for 199.99 euros.

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Elite customization with Xbox Design Lab

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