The drop in the price of gas to less than 40 euros per megawatt hour cancels the activation of the “ Iberian exception”

The Low gas prices In recent days, it has benefited from 27.78 euros per megawatt-hour set by the Spanish Mibgas market today, less than the limit set by the European Union of 40 euros per megawatt-hour for gas used to generate electricity, the so-called ‘Iberian exception’. It was already at 34.30 euros.

These prices contrast with the 240 euros per megawatt-hour recorded on August 27.

This mechanism was developed for Reduce the price of electricityEspecially for small consumers, whether covered by regulated tariffs or holders of annual contracts in the free market.

Low gas cost reasons Another unprecedented case: While the average price of electricity for Wednesday is €81.71 per MWh, the gas companies’ compensation for the “Iberian exception” is -1.27 € per MWh, so the total price is €80.84 per MWh. However, if this mechanism is not implemented, this price will be 84.42 euros per MWh. Either way, they’re the cheapest since September 25th.

On the tenth of this month there was already Another very new mode: For the first time, the average price of electricity (228.52 euros per MWh) was lower than its application (Iberian exception) (229.59 euros).

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