The disturber Ulrich Seidl and toxic and unhealthy sex

Austrian director Ulrich Seidel, who has been competing with compatriot Michael Haneke for years to see who is the most disturbing author in the Cinema contemporary, tends to organize independent nuclei of his film based on two or three films. I did it loveAnd Faith And HopesAnd The three films made between 2012 and 2013 form a trilogy heavenWith sex tourism, religious fanaticism, and obsession with the body as central themes. in the basement (2014) and Safari (2016) Two complementary documentaries focusing on what happens in the cellars of Austrian homes and on the mentality of Austrians who enjoy hunting. His last proposal takes the form of a diptych, Rimini And Sparta. Disputes about the second on the sidelines, It once again demonstrated the disturbing, ferocious, destructive, and rebellious spirit of a no-mess filmmaker. Take it or leave it.

The two films begin exactly the same way, with a group photo of several old people singing in a house, and end the same way, with a photo of one of these old people crying alone in his room. in Riminia guy named Richie Bravo, a veteran singer of the genre schlager – German songs very soulful and catchy – He returns home to his mother’s funeral. There he finds pictures of the virile men in his room, his brother Ewald and his father, the sobbing old man in the lodgings, suffering from dementia. Once the procedure is complete, Ricci returns to his adopted city, Rimini the Fellini. He lives off mature women who pay him for sex and tries to flirt with a younger woman without knowing what she is… (spoilers)

in Sparta The protagonist is Ewald, who we see spending hours in silence in his father’s room at home. He lives in Romania, but leaves his girlfriend because through various shots in which everything is explained without showing anything, the desire he feels for children has broken all his strength. Sparta It is the story of a homosexual trying to fight his instinct, but he turned a dilapidated school into a gymnasium where the weary children of the Roman population learned judo. It is also a physical and spiritual fortress that honors the legendary 300 Spartans recreated in Frank Miller’s comic and in Zack Snyder’s gay thriller. Ewald practices judo with them, takes a bath together, and takes pictures of them that he later reflects on in the solitude of his room.. It also protects them from being more masculine than being toxic to their parents. Seidel emerges, never judges, and thus achieves one of his most brilliant works, consisting of levels of geometric visualization interspersed with the flaws and inconveniences of our society.

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but Sparta He was immersed in needless controversy. Rimini It was shown at the Berlin Festival without any problems. Sparta He was selected in one of San Sebastian. A few weeks ago, last August, the German tabloid Der Spiegel She posted a news about her filming. Apparently, the parents of the children featured in the movie, who ranged from 9 to 15 years old, didn’t know what the movie was about.. They thought it had to do with the story of some kids learning judo. Filming took place between 2018 and 2019 in a Romanian village. Seidl was accused of exploiting children and of not adequately preparing them or their teachers for some of the scenes they were about to shoot. After watching the movie, I can think of one questionable movie, the one in which they shower in the gym and Ewald moves between the kids completely naked. Seidel W Sparta judge them. He was indeed able to prove that he and his producers had complied with all the procedures indicated in these cases. It generated one of those controversies that sometimes help and in others condemn the film to pariahs. It happened well in San Sebastian. The director decided at the last moment not to travel to the festival. He sent a note to the press on September 17: “My initial impulse was to go to San Sebastián and not leave the film that my team and I had worked on alone for so long. However, I realized that my presence at the premiere could overshadow the film’s reception. Now is the time for you to The movie speaks for itself.”

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The next day, he sent another statement for you to read before the screening, in which he explained that he was in Romania and showed the film to the children and their parents without anything happening. Both films are showing in theaters today. The spectator will be able to judge the tact, the wit, or the argumentation – never provocation – with which Seidel confronted one of the most difficult questions of human behavior.

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