The ‘dirtiest man in the world’ dies after taking a bath for the first time in 70 years

Not eating fresh food or taking a shower, these were the principles that guided Amo Haji’s life. The hermit, without family, wife or children, maintained this philosophy of life 22 years old of age, believing that any of these actions can lead to disease. He even claimed that a dirty life helped him stay strong and in iron health. I succeeded Over 70 years old living alone on the outskirts of a small village He was from Dejah, south of Fars Province in Iran, and did not bother his neighbors and did not receive complaints from them. In fact, they loved him so much that they built him a hut so that he could use it as a home and stop sleeping on the floor.

A few months ago, the townspeople where he lived They decided to take him to the shower With the intent of removing all dirt that stuck to his clothes and skin. But soon after, Amou He fell ill and finally died at the age of 94 Last Sunday, according to IRNA news agency.

they eccentric way of life Draw people’s attention, perhaps strange behavior like fSmoking five cigarettes at a time or using a metal compost pot. In social networks you can find videos and photos in which Iranians perform the strangest practices, a fact for which construction began. Many legends about his character. Some said he fed on dead animals he found on nearby roads, or that he drank five liters of water a day that he collected from ponds near his home.

But what caught the attention of Amu Hajji most is that despite the fact that his hygiene habits were unusual and questionable, His health has remained strong over time, Despite the fact that his clothes were dirty for several years or that a thick black layer had formed on his skin. Earlier this year, a team of doctors from Tehran came to see him for medical check-ups and find out his condition after many years of lack of proper hygiene. The results showed, which surprised many His health was in good condition.

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