The direct impact of the Grammy Award in Andalusia will be 70 million euros

Junta de Andalucía wants its alliance with the Latin Grammy Academy to be long-term and that those three years signed to host the award ceremony and all related activities leave a legacy in the community. This was confirmed this morning by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Andalusian Military Council. Arturo Bernal, who stated that, given the connection that the region has with the world of flamenco, Andalusia is the place for the Latin amorous Flemish.

Bernal has appreciated the possibilities offered to society by being headquarters Latin Grammy Weekin what would be the first time in history that these awards will leave the United States, and also highlighted the date on which the event takes place, in the last quarter of the year, months in which the board wishes to “continue to revitalize tourism” in order to combat seasonality.

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By Bernal, who has indicated that this celebration has been the event of the calado that this tenido of Andalusia has become, this is the semana of the Grammys in the comunidad of this teniendo an important impacto media des de anuncio, colocando el nombre de Andalucía en medios de todo the world. “There is no money possible to pay for that international positioning that Grammy gives us”, had an effect. The consultant confirmed that the truth structural engineer Of this achievement is the President of the Andalusian Military Council, Juanma Moreno. Thus, he explained that meetings had been held last September to discuss how to position Andalusia in international exhibitions and that one of the options raised was the selection of the society to host the Latin Grammy Awards. It was in October when the first meetings with the academy took place and in the following months they “comb the parties” until they reached the agreement that Moreno announced last week.

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The chancellor noted that Grammy week is “a completely different thing” considering the celebration of the many events associated with these awards, such as two large and various ceremonies. offers But also other training activities, musical grants, the presentation of various prizes … All this will contribute to this event having a great impact on society. Only in direct economic effect did Bernal encrypt the sum with 65-70 million eurosWhile the influence in the media can reach 300 million. Some are expected 12,000 people Associated with the Grammy Academy and about 20 thousand among tourists and fans of artists.

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