The difficult journey of a Jew in Nazi Berlin

In 1938 his mother died of cancer. In 1941, his father. Marie Galovich Simon (Berlin, 1922-1998) was A 19-year-old Jew when she was left alone in Nazi Berlin, Being a forced laborer with a miserable salary at the Siemens arms factory, where she contributed to the resistance with small acts of sabotage. He was 76 years old when he finished his count just days before he died in hospital An amazing story of survival during World War 2 to his son, the historian Hermann Simon. A few months ago, he said to her, “I’ve always wanted you to tell your story,” and put a tape recorder on the table for her. The result was 77 cassette tapes whose duplications condensed Secrecyco-published by Periférica and Errata Naturae.

“I prefer the frozen wasteland and I’d rather be alone because I see how this turns out. They will deport us and that will be the end for all of us.” Marie Galovich told her sympathetic foreman at Siemens in 1942, who gave her sick leave allowing her to disappear from the map for a time. From there she began a journey in which “a series of opportunities, often amazing and miraculous,” according to her son, allowed her to be one of some 1,700 Jews who survived out of the 15,000 who, like her, chose to live in secrecy.

Young Mary managed Twice fleeing to the Gestapo. Until the end of the war, she took refuge in twenty different homes, living as another German, hiding her Jewish ancestry, without wearing the Star of David imposed on her clothing, and with forged papers.

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his memories, seen without a victim, Tell how it happened He suffered hunger, humiliation, abuse and betrayal. She witnesses a tenant being deported to a concentration camp, just like an aunt, denounced by a con man who cheated on her to propose to her. “My gut told me that everyone who went there would die.”

She experienced her first love with a Jew from a good family, who kept a secret from her, leaving her pregnant. A Jewish doctor gave her a remedy for “provoking a miscarriage” and I aborted alone in an old bucket. “I had no moral scruples,” she says succinctly: “I wanted to live and had no other choice. But I was sad.”

My intuition told me that all those who went into the fields would perish.

Married communist He abused her in return for giving her housing. On another desperate occasion, she herself offered an “intimate encounter” for shelter. He got lucky with someone else who stayed with him, a “Nazi raging” who kept some hair supposedly for Hitler’s German shepherd, and said he “hates Jews so much he can smell them from meters away”…that he has syphilis, which has prevented him from having sex with her.

Hitler’s passion

He came to the aid of the tailor, who, when the Führer’s name came up, “smiled cheerfully and narrowed her eyes.” “For the first time – he adds – I witnessed the phenomenon of passionate enthusiasm for Hitler bordering on religious delirium.” Reflecting what happened in many homes, and caring for an elderly woman, she found herself “with plenty of deserving little Nazis waving swastikas everywhere on holidays”.

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Although he was also with tumbler And on the floor whore And he came across a Nazi neighbor That he did not denounce it because who knows how the war will turn out and maybe one day he will need corroborating testimony. At the beginning of being a single, Jalowicz was close to completing a Marriage of convenience with a Chinese To obtain the passport but the permission is not obtained. Then she fell in love with a Bulgarian maid but the wedding ended up being a disappointment.

Raped by Russian soldiers

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On one floor he had to use the same pot where he cooks to defecate because the bathroom was on the common stairs. “It made me unbearable,” he recalls. “They gave me masks.” In the throes of the Third Reich, the mass rapes of many German women of all ages and circumstances were not spared by Russian soldiers. “He touched me too, of course.” get rid of.

After the war, Galowicz joined the Communist Party, remained in the former German Democratic Republic, and was a professor of ancient classical literary cultural history at Berlin’s Humboldt University.

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