The Democrats are one step away from winning the Senate

Democrats are one step away from preserving Senate control And celebrate a decisive victory in the legislative elections that were held last Tuesday.

The recount came to the end of the week with three states in dispute, which will determine which side gets the camera. be Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. Republicans and Democrats needed to win two of them to secure control of the room.

On Friday night, major US media forecasts already gave the Democratic candidate in Arizona the winner. Senator and former astronaut Mark Kelly was defending his seat against Republican Blake Masters, a candidate sponsored by former President Donald Trump.

Scrutinizing more than 80% of the vote, Kelly got 51% of the vote and the Masters, with 46%, could no longer change it.

With this win, the Democrats were one seat away from at least equaling the current composition of the Senate, sharing fifty seats with the Republicans, but with the quality of the vote for the chamber’s president, Vice President Kamala Harris.

very tight difference

That could have come true yesterday in Nevada, where the count was clearly in favor of Democratic candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. At the conclusion of this edition, and with nearly 95% of the vote, Republican challenger Adam Laxalt’s edge was barely 900 votes. But there were tens of thousands of votes left to be counted, and they mostly come from the more democratically-leaning provinces. Most come from Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, and Washoe, which includes Reno.

In both Nevada and Arizona—as well as in other crucial elections for the House of Representatives—the count has been prolonged because the difference between the candidates is too narrow and because these states allow voting by mail if the ballot is dated to Election Day..choice.

All this was expected, it happened in previous elections, but some Republicans took advantage of it, as in 2020, to accuse him without evidence of election fraud.

If Cortez Masto, who became the first Hispanic woman in the Senate in 2016, takes her seat, Democrats won’t have to wait for the result of the second round in Georgia, scheduled for December 6, to take control of the Senate.

In the House, counting progressed slowly this Saturday in the 20 districts yet to be adjudicated. The possibility of Republicans returning to the chamber still stands, but it will be by a much smaller majority than anticipated.

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