The dangers of overdone meat, the new “gourmet” dish that’s in vogue

Meat in general is one of the main components of our diet. can be prepared from Many shapes depending on the animal which he or she comes from Widget type He is. Aged meat, which is gaining more and more popularity, can be processed in different ways depending on Flavor intensity This is what is needed

Generally, ripen a few days before being sold, But there are also long-ripening meats, with a process tuned to give these meats special properties. mature meat safe, as long as the process is respected, It can in no way be done in a “local” way.

Usually, the preparation time ranges from between 4 and 7 days, 10 at most, But in recent years, with the craze it causes, it’s common to find both in Gourmet Butchers As in specialty restaurants, cuts of meat are T-shaped steaks or entrecotes, which advertise long doneness.

Why does the meat mature?

The maturation of meat is the process that Enzymes and microorganisms are involved Which causes a series of physical and chemical reactions that allow the muscle to become soft, and lose the hardness that appears on it after the sacrifice of the animal, and its development. Various compounds contribute to flavor and aroma.

Older animals, whose meat is naturally tougher, tend to mature longer. This is why this is usually done with the meat of cows, bulls or calves, or with some pieces of game, because also during this ripening process The water is lost And weight, which increases the price of the piece.

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The process must be safe

The European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, has evaluated Long-term safety of meatBecause during the period of maturation of the meat, the microorganisms necessary for this maturation may make it dangerous for consumption.

They recommend after studying it The surface temperature of the meat should not be more than 3°C during ripening To prevent bacteria and mold from growing on the surface of the meat, so the meat is more tender 35 days At a temperature equal to or less than 3°C, if these conditions are met there is no danger.

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Maturity takes place Large whole pieceshalf carcasses, or quarters of carcasses and ribs, therefore it is a process that must be carried out in private butcher shops, in companies with Well controlled ripening chambers. If performed in catering establishments, it must be in suitable rooms and controlled conditions, to ensure that it has the desired effect in flavor and aroma and that it is also safe.

but Since this cannot be done at homeIn the home refrigerator, no matter how cold it is. In regular refrigerators, meat will only last for a few days, and no more than four or five days in the case of beef.

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