The Curse of the Cultural Youth Bonus: Now Companies Are Complaining

It cannot be said that the application of the Youth Cultural Scholarship is going smoothly. If there were countless complaints during the registration period of the beneficiaries due to the complexity of the procedures and because of the failure of the web that enabled the implementation of the procedure, now it is the cultural companies that denounce the various problems, both to adhere to the initiative and with the operating system for users to use the card. The Llibreters and Cinemes de Catalunya unions confirm the discontent among many of their associates. They know that unease is a national issue in their branches.

Maria Marin, technical secretary of the Gremi de Lliberters, sums up the dissatisfaction in two points: the slow resolution of the files to register as a company linked to the cultural youth bonus and the errors of the mechanism created so that it can be used. That is, data already registered companies that do not recognize the user’s auxiliary cards, with consequent frustration for some and others.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports acknowledges that this technical glitch occurred in “specific cases” while Gremi de Lliberters raises the injury to “a large percentage” of its subsidiaries.

The ministry confirms that the problem has already been resolved, and the association clarifies that it has been informed that this is the case since last Monday, but adds that it has not yet had time to verify among members whether the problem has been resolved or not.


“This week the member entities and companies were reminded of the importance of registering and reviewing all the data required for the correct operation of the Youth Cultural Reward,” adds the department headed by Mikel Eseta. He continues: “Entities and affiliates must submit their Point of Sale (POS) data on the Youth Cultural Voucher Platform. Any failure or error when recording that information effectively prevents payment ”

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Regarding the delay in deciding on applications for joining, the ministry indicated that “the maximum period for deciding on applications is six months from the date of submission.

Faded kindness

Gremi de Lliberters praises the Cultural Reward for Youth, a promotional policy aimed at a “critical age in cultural consumption,” as Marin puts it. However, the Technical Secretary laments that “the good initiative & rdquor; is hampered by problems in your application. “If the Ministry had worked more closely with the cultural sectors, everything would have been easier.”

42% of young people spend

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The Youth Cultural Bonus awards €400 to invest in cultural products for people who will turn 18 in 2022, to be spent within 12 months. In its first edition, it was requested by 281,557 young people, 57.6% of potential recipients. In other words: 42.4% of Spaniards who come of age this year have given up on asking for help, perhaps partly discouraged by the difficulty involved in doing so. In fact, the Ministry of Culture and Sports extended the registration period and opened a face-to-face route at the Post Office, which was attended by 56,404 people, or 20% of the total.

The cultural reward for youth has been included in the state’s general budget for the year 2023.

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