The culture proclaims the gutta as the representative manifestation of the intangible cultural heritage

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Fine Arts, has initiated a declaration file jot how The representative aspect of the intangible cultural heritagewhich assumes that the preemptive annotation is in the public repository while processing its final declaration.

The initiation of the file by the ministry implies recognition and protection of the crane. According to the relevant legislation, the Council of Ministers shall, within a maximum period of one year, approve the final declaration, which will be implemented by Royal Decree.

The declaration, published today by the Bank of England, is justified by being the most widespread, diverse, dynamic and reinterpretation of all the traditional genres that make up the diverse sound and musical map of Spain. Jota refers to a very popular traditional type of music, song and dance that has been developed up to the present time, with a general style at its base and a series of characteristics and peculiarities that make it Diverse manifestations, being recreated and reinterpreted in a static and dynamic way by carrier communities.

Among the cultural values ​​that the juta contributes as a traditional genre, its assimilation by individuals and communities stands out, forming part of the popular expressions of almost the entire Spanish territory and becoming a powerful element of social cohesion and identification of its members. .

Risks and threats

However, it has been taken into account that Jack faces multiple risks and threats, such as external influences, globalization, petrification, negative reconsideration by society, loss of privacy due to globalization policies or lack of generational relief.

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Therefore, the Ministry has considered the importance of the juta as a traditional genre in Spain, bearing in mind, in addition, that a thorough study of this aspect requires for its own understanding a unified consideration, beyond what it might receive in individual or different autonomous communities, as well as the support of the Historic Historic Council of Spain – who approved the declaration at the meeting held on October 25 in Zaragoza – the University of Extremadura and the University of Salamanca.

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Advertising as a representative manifestation is Another step in the processing of the Guetta Intangible Cultural Heritage nomination file for UNESCOin which 15 autonomous regions participate and are coordinated by the Ministry.

Law No. 10/2015 of May 26 on Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage stipulates that it is in accordance with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in cooperation with the Autonomous Communities, to protect the intangible cultural heritage by declaring a representative embodiment of the intangible cultural heritage, in addition to regulating the declaration procedures.

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