The creator of “Foundation” takes us to the new season of the series

strings like institutionAnd for all mankindrecent sudden success silo and somehow, Separation Turn Apple TV+ into a reference platform for science fiction fans. Of the titles mentioned, the first is particularly ambitious: An adaptation of Asimov’s literary epic that combines the writer’s great ideas with a wholesome spirit pulp Adventure and majestic cinematic vision.

For those who do not know its dialectical basis institutionLet’s sum up. In the early days of the collapse of a futuristic galactic empire, mathematician Harry Seldon (Jared Harris) Develop Psychohistory, a statistical science that allows us to predict the future of humanity and guarantees that we will live thirty thousand years of darkness after the fall of the Empire.. Seldon is seen as a traitor due to his pessimistic predictions, but he is finally given permission to put his plan into action (on the distant planet Terminus, but less than that means nothing) his plan for a galactic encyclopedia that can reduce the Crisis to just a millennium.

The second season picks up where the first ended: 138 years before time, with Gal Dornick (Lou Lobell), Harry’s apprentice, wakes up in his cryogenic chamber to find the daughter he didn’t know he had, Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey), former guardian of the Terminus settlement. The hereditary family led by Brother Zia (imposed Lee Pace) is still in a phase of decay that can be accelerated from within by the actions of the Queen’s Revenge. We’ll get a start The religious stage of the institution: Create the Galactic Spirit Church.

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its gravitational weight

On the one hand, Asimov’s most pure fans have caught on institutionAnd the trilogy of novels on the other hand institutionthe Space opera sequential from david s. Gowerand co-creator F an offer Known, among other things, as an ally of Christopher Nolan in the scripts of the Batman trilogy. “But I have to say that in some aspects of this season we’ve been more loyal than we’ve ever been to the original books,” he explains in a video call interview. “The Galactic Spirit Church was part of the book. or figures like merchant Hooper Mallow and General Bel Rios, modeled after the image and likeness of Belisarius. We also mention Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics., which is something that was significant in the original material and we wanted to honor it in these chapters. Having said all of this, we’ve obviously gone deeper into our character. It’s like comparing Marvel comics to the MCU: as it goes on, the MCU falls under the weight of its own gravity.”

In the previous season, the main characters’ genders were reversed or their (well accepted, anyway) genetic ancestry was established. Join the cast now Rachel House Like Tellem Bond, a newly created character who will “demonstrate the Origins of the Second Foundation and its psychic powers.” Another novelty is the Jaegger Fount of Holt McCallanyEx Bill Tench Idea hunter. “I offered him two characters. I can’t say which one, but they were bigger and more important and he turned them down. He wanted this new guardian of Terminus, a stylized American character.”

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overwhelming vision

The epic scope of vision institution Makes one think of names like Christopher Nolan (Tesseract, the first episode of this season leads to the bookshelf Interstellar) or Stanley Kubrick or Denis Villeneuve, and it’s true, Goyer credits them all as influences. “I’d like to add David Lane and John Huston. Or Terrence Malick. We shot in anamorphic and tried to make the series as cinematic as possible.“. Everything is tangible, everything is real too.” It’s an idea I share with my friend Chris [Nolan]: You have to do as much as possible directly in front of the camera. I’m not a big fan of filming actors in front of LED screens.”

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Goyer prefers to be taken to real locations, including some “amazing and exotic” locations in the Canary Islands. “I love the scenery where we introduce Brother Constant [Isabella Laughland] And Polly Veresov [Kulvinder Ghir]Clergy at the Church of the Spirit of the Galaxy: Lanzarote Lava Field. He also photographed us in many places where he left his mark [el artista] Cesar Manrique“.

Cold war again

What could be a sweet escape is often a reflection of pressing political issues. “It’s not something to chase,” Goyer advises. “But my book and I are human beings who are interested in what’s going on around us, and it’s only natural that all of that leaks out. The most surprising thing was to find ourselves again in the context of the Cold War. We weren’t there before I started writing. Russia had not yet invaded Ukraine. And suddenly we find ourselves in the same circumstances that Asimov found himself in when he wrote his story about the collapse of civilization.. We’re there again. That was also Asimov’s mission, in a way: to remind us that history is cyclical.”

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